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Roy on Having Kids

Roy CandyRoy, my colleague, got married. The usual next question after that is, “Kelan kayo mag-aanak ni Candy (his wife)?”
“Ayaw muna namin mag-anak. Boring kasi,” he answered.
“Z…” I screamed, “boring daw mag-anak oh…” she has a 2 year old son.
Z got our attention and said, “Sige Roy paki-explain kung pano naging boring mag-anak.”
“Ummm. Ano kasi.. um ano..”


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TBT #10: Kamusta Lovelife?

It’a amazing how ones life can change in 5 years. I clearly remember forwarding this email to both Zinnia and Susan back in September 2008:

One of my favorite blogs, Strange Fruit, posted the top answers to the question: Musta na Lovelife? I forwarded the list to the single ladies on the top of my mind: Zinnia and Susan.

Zinnia answered, “Nakaka-relate ako sa number 6. Eto parang patis… andaming gustong makisawsaw… Noon pa man, may nakekealam, may nag-sa suggest at kung ano ano pa.”

Susan didn’t choose one because she has her own entry: “Eto, candidate for 30 year old virgin.”

facebook-20131017-084447 facebook-20131017-084521

Zinnia is now currently vacationing in the Philippines with HER husband and almost 2 year old son, while Susan just celebrated her one year anniversary with HER husband, Anthony.

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Champ! Wake Up!

Zinnia’s little boy, trying hard to stay awake.

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Calendar for Z

Since a meeting was canceled from our Outlook Calendars, I asked Z, “Sure na bang cancel?”
“Di ko nga alam eh,” She answered.
“May calendar ka na ba?” I replied referring to the cancelation email for our calendars.
“Penge! Wala na nga luma na to,” she suddenly replied. She thought I was referring to a new desk calendar.
“Huh? Anong sinasabi mo?’

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Assume Vs Presume

“Orlee, ano difference ng assume and presume?” Z asked me.
Come to think of it, I don’t know the difference. Google almighty to the rescue!


Apparently, you can use them interchangeably except in the following scenario: He has assumed the position of the manager.
“So yun lang ang difference nila?” Asked Z.
“Oo,” I answered, “Kaya lang Z, maraming ganyan dito sa office di ba? They have PRESUMED the position of the manager. Mga feeling amo.”



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Ina Ka

I asked Z why was she on leave on the first day after the Eid Holidays.
“Yaya ako ngayon,” she answered.
“Z, hindi ka yaya. Ina ka,” I replied.
“Parang minura pala kita,” I realized.
“Akala ko nga rin yun ang sinabi mo.”

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Z’s After Vacation Weight

“Tumaba ka yata?” Roy told Zinnia.
“Ay! Ang sama mo! Bawal ka magpa-rush next week ha?”
I came to Z’s defense “Ang sama mo boy! Ako nga napansin ko yun di ko sinabi eh. May anak ka na Z kaya ok lang ba sabihin kong ‘mukha ka nang may anak’?”
“Ay! Ang bad nyo! Walang rush!”

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