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Mitch and I have an inside joke. I now use ‘Rhabjee’ when I wanted to thank her. Here’s why.

“Hon, sabay ka sa amin papunta Reef Mall. Mga  tayo aalis,” I told her.
“Ok hon, Rhabjee,” she replied.
‘Rhabjee?’ I asked myself. Is that a new word that she learnt today? Some Hindi word maybe?
I googled, “Meaning of ‘Rhabjee'” and found nothing.


Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 9.44.29 AM

Being a grammar freak that I am I had to know.
When I met her, I asked her, “Hon, ano yung Rhabjee?”
“Typo lang yun. Thankee lang ang tinype ko.”

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Assume Vs Presume

“Orlee, ano difference ng assume and presume?” Z asked me.
Come to think of it, I don’t know the difference. Google almighty to the rescue!


Apparently, you can use them interchangeably except in the following scenario: He has assumed the position of the manager.
“So yun lang ang difference nila?” Asked Z.
“Oo,” I answered, “Kaya lang Z, maraming ganyan dito sa office di ba? They have PRESUMED the position of the manager. Mga feeling amo.”



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Google Almighty

Ronald and I saw Zinnia’s facebook status:

Ronald asked, “Ano yung reticent?”
“I-Google mo!” I told him.
“I-goo-Google pa eh sasabihin mo na lang.”
“Para matuto ka lagi mong i-Google lang.”
“Ano nga!?!??!?!” he demanded.
“Di ko rin alam eh.”
“Kaya naman pala.

ret·i·cent // (rt-snt)


1. Inclined to keep one’s thoughts, feelings, and personal affairs to oneself. See Synonyms at silent.
2. Restrained or reserved in style.
3. Reluctant; unwilling.
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