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Mimi’s Chanel Bag

Ate Mimi was happy today.
“I’m super happy,” she shared in our siblings running Facebook chat.
“Why?” Tem asked.
“Kasi bukod sa permanent na ako, I’m going to Ginza today… para bumili ng CHANEL BAGGGG!”
Ate Richie was furious, “MIMI! SASAMPALIN KITA!”
“Naiinis ako sa’yo! Kasi bibili ka ng Chanel bag! Naiinggit ako!”



Someone’s really happy that this is her Facebook profile picture.

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Kaleidoscope Siopao

BuffetThe food was overwhelming.

We were at the Kaleidoscope Restaurant in Atlantis Hotel the Palm earlier today and the food was too much! It was buffet type dinner: from Asian to European. I had to try everything!

After getting our first batch of grub, we all sat down and I decided to finish my Asian plate first: Dimsum, steamed bun (siopao), sushi, sashimi, etc (the works).
After chewing my second siopao (straight!), I looked at Ronald’s plate and saw something questionable that I had to ask everyone, “Guys, may papel ba yung siopao?”
“Oo. Bakit?” They asked…, “KINAIN MO!?”
Embarrassed, I answered, “Oo… Di ko napansin. Akala ko matigas na part lang.”
“Ok lang. Sa White Rabbit naman nakakain ang papel.”
“Para kang di Asian! Alam mo namang may papel ang siopao.”

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Paul Walker’s New Movie

“May bagong movie si Paul Walker,” I told Ness.
“Alam ko!” she proudly answered, “Vehicle 69. 69? 60?” she was not sure about the number.
“Sa dinamidami ng number 69 ang naalala mo?”


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I am Marty McFly

The Christian Voices Chorale celebrated its 8th Year Anniversary in an 80s themed party.
I dressed up as Marty McFly of the Back to the Future (one of my favorite movie) series but my choirmates asked me, “Mountaineer?”

Marty OriginalMarty Orlee

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Bing’s Hair

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Ronald thought, “Pwede sana pumunta si Bing sa 80s party n’yo,” My choir is planning to celebrate the 8th year anniversary party in an 80s themed party.
“Costume pa,” I told him.
“Guguluhin n’ya lang buhok n’ya 80s na.”




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Fried Rice Oil

6531_1_296After the Ash Wednesday mass, we decided to eat dinner at the Filipino restaurant TIPANAN.
“Grilled pusit… Fried rice… and daing na bangus,” Ronald ordered.
“Fried rice?” Mitch asked, “Anong oil nila? Olive oil?”
“WOW! Olive oil talaga?” I asked.

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Sosyal Mura

F“Naririnig ko sila magmura minsan,” Roy told me. He was referring to our foreigner colleagues.
“Anong mura? SHIT o FUCK?” I had to ask.
“Yung sosyal na mura. Yung ‘F’,” he answered.
“Sosyal pala ang Fuck?”
“Oo. Tagalugin mo yun. Ang panget.”

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