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Victoria Court’s Logo

“Subo!” I screamed.
“Hindi, parang ‘ssshhhh’ yun!” Ness denied.
We were arguing on how the Victoria Court (Motel) logo looked like.
“Oo. Subo nga yun!” Ella confirmed.
“Bakit alam mo?” we asked Ella, “Ay! Alam na!”
“Excuse me! Hindi pa ako nakakapunta dun! Eh bakit ikaw?” she asked me.
“Nagkaroon kami ng research paper about VICTORIA COURT,” I answered.

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BBM Chat: Rollie & Ella

Rollie and Ella were chatting today:

Ella, nasa banko ka ba?” Rollie asked Ella.
“Oo. Bakit?” she answered.
“Due date kasi ng card ko, pabayad naman 500.”
“Wala akong pera.”
“Manghiram ka muna dyan!”
“Banko to! Hindi palengke,” she screamed.
“Ay nasa banko ka nga pala! Pwede i-remit ko na lang ang pera sayo tapos ibayad mo?” Rollie had a bright idea.
“I-re-remit mo na lang din naman… Eh di ibayad mo na sa banko mo!?”
“Ay oo nga!”

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Peg 101

I have noticed that people nowadays are using the word “peg” a lot lately. In order to be in the in, I asked the expert in using the word.
I have sent Ella a Blackberry Message, “Ano ang tama? (1) Sandstorm ang peg ng Dubai; (2) Sandstorm ang peg ng weather; or (3) Sandstorm ang peg today.”
“Yung last,” she answered.
“:o” I replied. I was expecting the first one was it.
“Sandstorm ang peg today ;)”
“Di ko talaga gets!” I answered frustratingly.
“Haaay!” she answered.
I tried again, “Di n’ya nagets ang peg. Tama na?”

Yesterday, I came to realization the real meaning of peg (thanks to Ron) so I tweeted…

Dollar ang peg sa Brunei.



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Grace and Stella, calls each other B1 and B2, just like the twin bananas in the children show BANANAS IN PYJAMAS.

During last night’s Hat Party, Arn-arn questioned, “Ano meaning ng ‘B’?
Everybody laughed as it simply means something big in Filipino. Arn immediately defended himself and said, “Bu-lup-choos.”

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Ella in Siquijor

“Nasa Siquijor daw s’ya,” Ness told our circle of friends. She was referring to Ella.
“Bakit dun?” Someone asked.
“Ganap na ang matagal nang nakatakda,” I answered.
They all laughed.

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1st Marathon Experience

I joined the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon for the first time. I signed up for the 3K – Fun Run.

More than half a dozen of my friends also joined in while some even took the bigger challenge of the 10K.

So apparetly, I went for the 3k…

And the other guys went for the FUN RUN…

Running against the sea of runners?

Photo Op No. 1

Photo Op No. 2 (From the same camera?)

Photo Op No. 3 (Running back and forth just to get the perfect shot)


Why this picture looks fake:
(1) Running too close
(2)They’re on the sidewalk
(3) Hair’s not moving
(4) One leg is too straight
(5) because there’s another shot with just few differences…

And another…


And Ronald has the same photo at the same place with them (straight-legged) …


Also, there are pictures before the Finish Line…



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