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Small Toy

AileenAileen asked a favor, “Pwede magpadala sayo ng toy para sa pamangkin ko? Maliit lang, promise!”
Polly Pocket?” I asked.
She laughed and blurted, “Gago!”
“Sabi mo maliit!?”
“Meron pa ba nun?”



Faceboob Profile

Talking about Facebook profiles, my x commented, “Ayoko ng mga profiles na puro cleavage, parang bad girl yung dating nila.”
“Boobs = Bad girl? X, ano naman kinalaman ng boobs sa personality?”
“Yung mga pictures na puro boobs ang nakikita, parang bad girl lang sila.”
“Kaya ba laging kalaban si Ara Mina tapos laging bida si Lea Salonga?”

Ara Mina


Lea Salonga

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Pinoy Treats

“What will you bring back for us, Orlee?” my colleagues would always ask. They are expecting sweets from the Philippines.
Being the selfless guy that I am, I would like them to feel the Philippines as how I felt it, not just some superficial sweets so I would tell them, “Pik-choors.”
“What!? We want the real thing,” they would complaint.
“I’ll bring real pictures.”

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Earn Money While Flying

Random Facts:

1. To earn back their money spent on buying cars, people here in Dubai offer carlift. They would approach mall rats in the who seems to be going home and tell them, “Sir/Ma’am, carlift?”
Their price starts from 15 dirhams onwards.

2. If you buy a ticket from Dubai for a Cathay Pacific flight to Manila, they will give you an extra 15 kilos on top of your alotted 20 kilos. That means a whopping 35 kilos for my baggage home. Going back here though it’s really limited to just 20 kilos.

3. Everything is cheaper in the Philippines compared here in Dubai, with the exception ofcourse of electronic gadgets. (Hello? Di ko naman uuwian lahat ng friends ko ng celphone?) I haven’t filled up my baggage and I am not even close to 30 kilos.

4. It is acceptable to help your kababayans with their baggage, if they are over the limit, you could let them ride in your weight as long as you’re not over your limit yet. If they have to pay for excess baggage it would cost hundreds even thousands per additional kilo. (OA)


Summing up all these random facts I’ve decided to approach people in the airport on my flight, “Sir / Ma’am, excess baggage? 15 dirhams per kilo.” See Savings…


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Dubai Documentary

I started shooting videos of my Dubai life to show my family when I return home.
Shooting the flat on a messy Monday morning, Ronald asked, “Bakit kung kelan marumi ang bahay, saka ka kumukuha ng video?”
“Para malaman ng nanay na magulo ang buhay ko sa Dubai,” I answered with a grin, “Baka sabihin pa nya: O Choy wag ka na magpadala, ang hirap naman pala talaga ng buhay d’yan sa Dubai.'”

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Kuya, Laptap! 2

Ronald and I shared the cost of Tem’s much requested laptop. We bought her an HP Mini-Note and since she lost her a pair of shoes last month, we kept telling her that we only brought her a pair of Nine West shoes.
“Ayoko ng Sapatos! Kaya ko bumili nuon!” she screamed, weeks before her birthday.
“Ay! Tem! Nakita ko nga pala si Miguel sa Friendster ni Paula kagabi. Ang cute!” I diverted the conversation.
“Buti ka pa nakita mo si Miguel sa LAPTOP MO! Ako walang laptop!” she sarcastically answered.
“Oh! Eh di ilagay mo yung picture ni Miguel sa bago mong sapatos mo…”

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Ponette’s Blackmail

Ponette, my 6 year old niece, knows how to blackmail her lola.

Ponette Nagai

She know how my mom takes good care of her blue grass loan. Nanay waters it twice a day and cuts it everyweek to a certain height. She wastes, ehem alots, her time maintaining the grass.
So Nanay would leave Ponette at home, not tagging her to the mall, Pong would scream, “Sige! Pag ‘di mo ako sinama, bubunutin ko ang damo mo!!!”

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