Kaleidoscope Siopao

23 Feb

BuffetThe food was overwhelming.

We were at the Kaleidoscope Restaurant in Atlantis Hotel the Palm earlier today and the food was too much! It was buffet type dinner: from Asian to European. I had to try everything!

After getting our first batch of grub, we all sat down and I decided to finish my Asian plate first: Dimsum, steamed bun (siopao), sushi, sashimi, etc (the works).
After chewing my second siopao (straight!), I looked at Ronald’s plate and saw something questionable that I had to ask everyone, “Guys, may papel ba yung siopao?”
“Oo. Bakit?” They asked…, “KINAIN MO!?”
Embarrassed, I answered, “Oo… Di ko napansin. Akala ko matigas na part lang.”
“Ok lang. Sa White Rabbit naman nakakain ang papel.”
“Para kang di Asian! Alam mo namang may papel ang siopao.”

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