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Don’t Praise My Baby

Ronald told Sab, “Ang galing-galing naman ng baby namin,” after she successfully walked 4 steps from me to him.
I then told him, “Huwag mo ipe-praise ang mga bata. May study na bawal daw sila i-very good, bawal sabihin na pinakacute, pinakamaganda, pinakamatalino,” I was quoting this study, “Kasi magiging mayabang daw ang mga bata. Too self confident. Mag-e-expect sa mundo na sila ang the best.”
“Ay ganun?” he wondered.

When Sab successfully did another set of ‘steps’ he uttered, “Ang galing!”
I eyed him to reimpose what I told him earlier.
He answered, “Ano gusto mo sabihin ko? Ang bobo-bobo mong bata ka?”


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Birthday Chat

Nanay is so sweet…

Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? Dictator and Terrorism. 😂

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I told my wife i did not want to celebrate my birthday this year as it seemed redundant to gather everyone this month and also for Sab’s 1st Birthday. I was surprised by everyone when they prepared a simple yet memorable celebration last night.

She told me, “Hon, bibinyagan yung anak ng kasama ko sa review.”
Being the supportive husband that I am, “Sige. Tara. Pero bakit gabi ng 8PM?”
“Wala na raw venue silang makuha.”

Walking to Pizza company, I noticed that Mitch was walking too slow and keep on calling someone.
“Hon… Pwede bang mas mabilis yung lakad mo? Medyo mainit kasi,” I sarcastically told her.
“Ay mabagal ba?” She said, “Kinakausap ko sila ayoko mauna sa binyagan.” [In retrospect, I realized she was talking to Ronald and Ate Weng whom we have left behind as they took a taxi to the venue].

The party was on the 2nd floor of the restaurant and was surprised that the room was dark. I told her, “Hon nakakahiya nauna tayo sa party.”
Then they all screamed surprise.

My choir group was there, my building mates and my officemates. It was a fun-filled evening. Definitely one for the books.

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