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Birthday Selfie

When Karol was about to go from Nanay’s Party, “I told her selfie mina tayo,”
Nanay was also approaching the centre of the party (where most people are taking pictures) with her friends. I knew she will attempt to get a picture.
“NAY! Kami ho muna,” I told her off.
“O sige,” She willingly gave way.

Karol laughed, “Birthday ng Nanay mo! Talagang sya ang pinatabi mo.”
“Oo nga no?” I laughed and took the selfie anyway.


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Karol’s Profile Pic

When my friend uploaded this photo on her facebook account, I told her, “Pag yan ang profile pic mo, hindi ka mawawalan ng boyfriend.”



“Sige nga!” Karol replied, “Tignan natin kung di kayo magkandarapa kung yan ang profile pic ko.”



Earth Week

While driving through Aguinaldo Highway, Karol told me, “Bakit ang dilim!?”
“Hay naku! Sanay na ata ako mag-drive sa ganito kadilim na kalsada,” I answered.
“Earth Hour ba?” she asked.
“Hindi lang Earth Hour, Earth Week pa ata dito.”

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Meeting is Strictly Prohibited in Our Establishment

Aside from seeing my High School choir, I also get to see the present members of DLSU-Dasmarinas this year. The members had a last event for this school year: Kundiman Recital.

After the event, some of the members asked, “Tara sa Volet’s Gotohan.”

In the said establishment, this sign was posted…

Alfritz shared, “Kaya yan nilagay dahil sa Chorale. Seryoso! Kasi laging dito nag-me-meeting dati.”
Karol asked, “Oh?”
“Eh pano naman nila malalaman na nag-me-meeting?” I asked Karol, “Hindi po kami nag-me-meeting,” I mimicked, pretending the management was asking why we were meeting.
Eh bakit may nag-mi-minutes?” Karol answered.
Bakit may opening prayer!?


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Facebook Status of the Week: Mom’s Budget

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Gym, Transportation and Umbrellas

Karol and Ferson enrolled to Gold’s Gym Alabang some months ago. Some of their gym-mates had cars while they get a public transportation access through Alabang Town Center (ATC).

One time, it rained, they could only watch their mates being assisted by the guard with an umbrella to their cars.
“Kawawa naman tayo, baka pwedeng payungan din tayo ni Manong Guard hangang ATC?” they told each other.
“Tandaan n’yo ‘yan! Yayaman din kami!”

Ferson stopped going to that gym, while Karol bought an umbrella every time she goes there after that incident.

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Busilak na Puso

Last July, when I went home to the Philippines, I was trying to surprise at least one person: Karol, my college friend and chorale-mate (she had no facebook back then so she was not able to read my announcements).

When people from Chorale asked if Karol knew, I would tell them online, “Huwag nyo sabihin kay Karol kasi surprise sana ‘yun.”
When I arrived in Cavite, I immediately went to church that weekend. Heck! I didn’t plan it well because she was there.
“Anong ginagawa mo dito!?” she was shocked at my unannounced arrival.
“Surprise sana kita pero nandito ka pala. Pupuntahan kasi sana kita sa school,” I answered. Surprise: spoiled.
“Nakakaasar ka! Di ka nagsasabi!” She screamed but she was excited.
“Basta text na lang kita ha?”

Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t able to get her number so when it was time to visit her in DLSU-Dasmarinas, she teaches English Literature there, I took my chances whether she was there or not. Sana nandun sya.
Well, luck didn’t go in my favor as she was not there. I was able to see some of our friends though: Ms. Joy Parohinog, our former CAO (Cultural Arts Office) coordinator, and the 15th batch of the DLSU-D Chorale (I belonged to Batch 4 so you could just imagine how ‘old’ I felt).
Ms. Joy told me, “Naku nasa kabilang school sya ngayon nagtuturo. Rogationist school. T-Th s’ya dun.”
“Oo nga pala,” I suddenly remembered, “Dun nga pala s’ya pag Huwebes.”
I was due to fly out the next weekend so that was the last chance to see her.

In the Airport Gate before my flight, I was trying to consume off my Philippine mobile load by calling and texting people that I’ll be leave behind. While browsing thru the names in my contact details, I saw Karol’s number. It was there all this time! I called her, “Karol?”
“Sorry-sorry! Aalis na ako ngayon.”
“Nasa airport na ako.”
“Ah ganun?”
“Sorry talaga.”
“Sige ok lang.”
“Bawi ako next time.
We left it at that. But I know Karol too much and I know she was crossed.

I kept it low for the next few months: No message. She finally signed up for facebook but it took months before she added me. Ethel, our friend, told me, “Galit pa rin s’ya sa’yo, Orlee.”
“Kelan kaya ako mag-so-sorry?”
“Try mo sa Pasko.”

December 24-
Karol: Hello?
Orlee: Sorry na. Patawarin mo na ako.
Karol: Who’s this?
Orlee: Si Orlee. Merry Christmas…
Karol: Hay naku! Oh bakit ka tumawag!?
Orlee: Babati lang ng Merry Christmas at alam ko naman wala akong magiging valid na kahit anong explanation kaya di na lang ako mag-e-explain.”
Karol: Buti alam mo!
Orlee: Merry Christmas. Patawarin na sana ako ng busilak mong puso.
Karol: Oo! Busilak talaga ang puso ko. Leche!

She then explained some scenarios that would eventually added to her anger for a no-show Orlee.

Ms. Joy: Oy! Dumaan si Orlee! Nagkita kayo?
Karol: Hindi!
Ms. Joy: Kakamustahin ka sana eh.
Karol: Huwag ka nang magsalita pa Mam Joy.

Ferson (a chorale-mate): Hey! Susurpresahin ka raw ni Orlee, eh. Kamusta ‘yun?
Karol: Huwag na nating pag-usapan please!

Coralyn (Chorale-mate): Umuwi raw si Orlee? Super close kayo nun ‘di ba? Ano pasalubong sa’yo?
Karol: Wala!

Karol: Ate! Sino nag-add kay Orlee sa Facebook ko!?
Emerald (her sister): Ako. Nakita ko kasi naka pending eh. In-add ko na.
Karol: Pakialamera ka talaga! Di ko nga in-a-accept eh!
Emerald: Si Orlee ‘yun ‘di ba?
Karol: Pakialamera!

After we laughed about her supposed snob, Karol indeed had a pure heart for forgiving me. I didn’t promise a “Next time I go home,” because I knew she won’t buy it anymore.
Karol: Bahala ka sa buhay mo!
Orlee: I miss you.
Karol: Ewan!
Orlee: Merry Christmas.
Karol: Merry Christmas din.

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