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Yas Waterworld… Ulit

My wife and I were on the road to Abu Dhabi when she told me, “Hon, di pa tayo nag-Ya-Yas Waterworld.”

She might have forgotten that we’ve been there before so I added, “…ulet,”

“Hon, di pa tayo nag-Ya-Yas Waterworld,” she said again.

“Ulet.” I answered. Insisting her to add that word.

“Hon, di pa tayo nag-Ya-Yas Waterworld,” she kept repeating. I realized that she might be thinking of me asking her to repeat her sentence.


“Hon, di pa tayo nag-Ya-Yas Waterworld! Ang bingi mo naman,” she told me.

“Ulet! Hindi pa tayo Nagya Yas Waterworld ULET. Nagpunta na tayo dun before,” I finally told her.

When we both realized our faults, we laughed all the way past Yas Island.

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