My Catholic Nieces

I tagged Ponette and Aki to church for the very first time last Palm Sunday. It was the first time that I was stuck with the kids alone and helpless.

During the ceremony, Ponette got bored and fell asleep. So I left her at the pews while I busied myself in the celebration.

Aki participated in the mass but is very distracted, “Tito, bakit mas mahaba ang palaspas nila?”, “Tito, bakit may dugo yung kamay ni Jesus?”, “Tito, bakit yung bata tumatayo sa luhudan?”, “Tito, tubig ba ‘yun? (holy water)”

My patience was tested and I passed.


During the solemn part of the Eucharistic Celebration, where the priest raises the bread to say that it is the Body of Christ, we were all kneeling and the whole church was very quiet, Aki screamed, “Tito, si Ponette! Nakanganga natutulog!”

I didn’t know what to do so I told her, “Sshhh…. Iikom mo yung bibig n’ya.”


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