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A Second Chance’s Life Lesson

After watching Basha and Popoy’s round 2 movie, ‘A Second Chance’ with my wife and friends, I asked Mitch, “Alam mo na ang lesson ng movie, Hon?”

“Oo,” She answered. 

“Huwag mangarap ng dream house. Kaya wag na tayo mag dream house ha?” I asked her. 

“Tanggap ko na yun,” she answered, “Dream closet nga wala eh. Dream house pa kaya?!”

Good wifey. 


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Age and Pop Culture Reference

Orlee: Natanggal na yung officemate natin. 

Aileen: Sino? 

Orlee: Yung kapangalan ng kaloveteam ni Cris Villanueva. Late 80s. Early 90s. 

Aileen: Aaaah. 

Orlee: Huli edad mo sa mga alam mong Love team. 

Aileen: That’s Entertainment! 

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Agree to Disagree

Over an argument, I asked my wife,”Ok lang ba na magkaiba ng opinion ang mag-asawa?”

“Oo naman, Hon,” she answered. 

Good. I thought to myself. 

Then she followed it with a, “Kaya nga may divorce di ba?” 



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