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Kathy the Bread

Kathy, the choir’s musical piece documenter knows what song to sing a week ahead of the weekly mass.
So when Kuya Jun asked her, “Anong offertory song next week?”
She answered, “I Am the Bread.”
Being the jokers that we are, one choirmate asked, “Anong klaseng bread ka?
Since Kathy was on the waif side, someone screamed, “Breadstick.”


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The Half-Pinoy Bruno Mars

“Half-Pinoy pala ‘yang si Bruno Mars?” asked Atong while Just the Way You Are was playing on the radio.
“Oo naman!” I knew I told him that already so I jokingly advised him, “Pakinggan mo oh…”
He slowly cranked up the radio while I sang along, “Wen ay si yor peys. Ders nat a ting dat ay wont cheynge…”
“Di naman eh!”

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Niece Prize

Sam, Paula! Tignan n’yo laptop ni Tito oh!” I told my nieces over Skype. I’m so proud of my MacbookPro.
“Ayaw namin, Tito,” they dodged, “Maiinggit lang kami.”
“Sabi ko naman kasi sa inyo ma-honor lang kayo, bibilhan ko kayo ng kahit ano! iPhone, iPad, you name it!”
“Kahit anong honor, Tito?”
I’m smarter than my nieces and told them, “Academic lang no? Automatic naman kayong loyalty awardees! Saka baka naman Best in Friendship lang kayo. Kailangan may level sa school!”
“Ang hirap naman.”


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Overtime Advice

Since our boss is about to take a leave next week, Z told me…

“Next week ka na mag-OT… Ay wala pala si boss next week, tama ngayon ka na lang magpasikat.”

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End of the World Homecoming

Since the end of the world on 2012 is in the news again (it’s apparently postponed),  I suddenly remembered that what my mom requested months ago from me. Here’s her exact words:

Anak, uwi kayong lahat (magkakapatid) sa December 2012 ha? Dapat sama-sama tayo sa end of the world.

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Review Pressure

“Ayoko na mag-review,” I told Zinnia while we were on our taxi going to the CII Foundation of Insurance Exam, “Ok na siguro ‘yung pinag-aralan ko.”
“Ako rin,” she answered, “Tama na ‘yun.”

Arriving in Dubai World Trade Centre for our exam, the people outside the exam center were busy reviewing their notes. Zinnia commented, “Aral pa tayo.”

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“Daming carpet,” Marish commented on the hairy guys while we were in Wild Wadi.
“Kanina nga sa pila,” I told her, “Sa likod ko may dumikit. Akala ko kung sino ang naka-sweater. Pag-lingon ko. Hala! Carpet!”

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Pat, Patrick and 1,500


“Nawalan ng AED 1,500.00 si Patrick!” Ronald told me, “Magkasama kami kanina, magbabayad na s’ya ng visa tapos biglang paghugot n’ya, nawala na pala ang one-five n’ya.”
“Ok lang ‘yun. Malaki naman sweldo n’ya,” I answered non-chalantly.
“Ganun?” he asked.

When I was about to tell Susan, “Nawalan daw ng 1,500 si Pat.”
Ronald saw my chat with Sue and screamed, “Hindi si Pat! Si Patrick,” Pat for Ronald is Patrick, my college classmate, while Patrick, for him, is our former flatmate.
“Ano naman pinagkaiba ng Pat at Patrick?” I asked him, “Pareho silang Pat at Patrick sa akin,” I told him then I realized, “Ay nawalan si Patrick (former flatmate) ng 1,500? Kawawa naman…”

When Pat (college classmate) heard about my comment that for me him losing 1,500 is no big deal, he said, “Gago ka. Anong ok lang ako mawalan ng 1,500? 1,500 pa rin ‘yun.”

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The Barney Song

Found on Tem‘s wall:

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International Suit Up Day

I was checking my Facebook account and was reminded by my good friend, Sarah, that 13th October is International Suit Up Day. Here’s her photo:

In honor of today being the International Suit Up Day and of course in honor of the awesome Barney Stinson; I suited up!

I’m telling you wearing a suit makes you feel LEGEN…wait for it…DARY! 😉


Then Ronald, my flatmate, asked me, “Tara bili tayo ng laptop charger sa City Centre (Mall)?”
I was too tired but I found a suit-up opportunity so I told him, “Sige, pero mag-su-suit ako.”
“Bahala ka,” he thought I was kidding.

After coming out of the bedroom he asked me, “Bakit ka naka-suit?”
“It’s International Suit Up Day! Legen-wait for it – dary!”
“Adik ka. Palabas lang ‘yun. Dapat wala kang pakialam kay Barney.”

Suited Up in the Dubai Metro

Cold Stone! What Up!?

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