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Song Status

A colleague asked me, “How are you, Orlee?”
“I’m alive,” I answered.
“Just like Justin Bieber?” she asked.
“What do you mean?” I was lost.
“You know that Justin Bieber song — I’m alive. I’m alive…” she sang.


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24th day of January Hearing Impaired

Yesterday was a hectic day.

We ran the 10k for the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon at 7 AM.
Sang at the Sto Nino Festival in St Mary’s Church at 11:30 AM
Sinigang na Baboy Lunch at Al Rigga (2 PM)
Dinner at Boardwalk for Eric’s Birthday Celebration at Boardwalk by 6 PM

During the sinigang lunch…
“Ambilis naman! Naubos agad!?” Ronald topld Mat while she was sipping the Sinigang na Baboy soup, “Parang suso!”
“Anong suso?” I heard and corrected, “Linta!”
“Ang sabi ko soup! Hindi suso!” Ronald told me.

At dinnertime…
“Ang dami palang krus dito,” Atong told us after he was observing the deck from Boardwalk.
“Hindi yun krus. Crane yun para sa construction,” I told him. There were a lot of visible construction sights near the Dubai Creek.
“Cruise! Dhow cruise. Anong pinagsasabi mo?” he asked.
“Ayoko na mag-marathon, kuya, nakakabingi.” Mat told me after.

1509737_10201686822920625_1610130552_n 1623581_10202176694612293_20160527_n

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My Big Love

MyBigLoveDuring our training for the Dubai Marathon, Mitch and I ran together most of the times.
During one evening where she was so tired, I screamed at her, “Hon, last 100 meters na lang!”
She then told me, “Parang trainer kits,” while running.
Then I remembered a certain Filipino movie, “Parang movie ni Sam Milby and Toni Gonzaga.”
“Si Sam ang mataba dun!” she told me.
“Kaya nga!” I sarcastically answered.
She punched me afterwards.

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Last Resort

“Hon, sorry na…” I begged Mitch after one LQ.
“Di naman ako galit,” she told me.
“Bati na tayo?”
“Oo naman,” she answered.
“Buti na lang. Kasi last resort mo na ako,” I kiddingly told her.


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Biodegradable Burger

“Magkakaroon na ng Elevation Burger sa Al Ghurair (mall),” Ronald excitedly told us.
“Client namin yun,” I told everyone.
“Biodegradable ang burger nila,” he proudly told us.
“Baka naman ORGANIC?!” I sarcastically answered.
“Ay! Oo. Organic,” he stood corrected.

Elevation Burger

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Curious Mitch

“I’m always curious.”

That’s what Mitch answered, when I posted this candid photo of her on instagram with the caption: She likes touching the walls to feel the material. #architect #onlyarchitectsgetit #passion



To which Joy, our choir conductor, commented: Yan din ginawa nya sa choir loft kahapon. Nakita ko yun!

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The Car Accident Test

1495550_10202899864000331_252867727_nFriday evening, the day after the accident, I told my friends, “Alam n’yo after nung accident and masettle ko na lahat, dun ko lang naisip na, swerte pa rin ako: Kasi usually lobat phone ko, pero that morning hindi. May load din sa card. May gas pa rin ako. Minsan running on empty na ako. Tapos may cash ako sa wallet kasi minsan talaga barya lang laman ng wallet ko. Kasi may kotse naman bakit ako magdadala ng cash lagi. Ayun naging pambayad ng towing service.”
“Parang kinakailangan mo talaga ma-experience,” Atong and Ronald told me.
“Siguro talagang nakalagay na yung test na yun for me. Kasi tinest talaga yung lakas ko to be alone that morning,” I told them.
“Yung tipong, sabi ni Lord: ok ang load, wallet and gas ni Orlee, ngayon ko na ibibigay yung test sa kanya,” Ronald said.
I suddenly became quiet.
Atong screamed, “Naaay! Iiyak!”

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Sound Engineer Offense

We sang at St. Mary’s Family Festival last Thursday. We were supposed to wear our CVC shirts but it was so cold that we all wore our coats over it.
When we were about to go on stage we removed our coats last minute and I suddenly hit the sounds engineer guy on the shoulders. He was a big Caucasian guy with tattoos and piercings.

“I’m sorry,” I told him.
“You will be.. in a minute,” he got back.
“Whoa!” I told him but he ignored this as he was busy. He seemed pissed.
Mabel heard this and asked, “WHAT DID HE SAY?” but we were about to go on stage.

I was mad. We are not used to this type of rudeness in Dubai. I also just met a car accident that morning so I was really not emotionally stable.
I shrugged it off because it was the church compound and I am representing our group –  going for this guy will be bad rep for us and will be dubbed as unchristian-like . (Plus it has been 3 months since I went to the gym and that he was bigger than me). takot ko lang

The performance was bad, just like every year (because the audience are hearing a lot of other things go on in the compound plus  the sound system was horrible (not boom microphones).

Kaya pala ‘We will be sorry in a minute’ kasi papangitan nya ang sound system.” I concluded.


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Basha Broke My Heart

I posted this Facebook status last week:

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 11.23.33 AM

That’s a day before the dreaded accident. Spoke too soon.

1600120_10152515975739325_429021251_nI then put the damaged car’s photo as one of the comment. People panicked. A slew of comments came afterwards. After Mitch posted this comment: “It’s the 2nd time that Basha did break your heart. I know somebody who will not break your heart…” It made me think. Maybe naming the car Basha was an inevitable heartbreak. It was after all named after the character Basha in One More Chance. She had me at my best…

“Bakit napakatigas mo Bash?!”

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Kamusta si Basha?

I was not hurt but seeing Basha get badly damaged was really heartbreaking. I kept saying, ‘Sorry Basha.’

It also does not help that my friends refer to my car as a person, “Kamusta si Basha?” It was heartbreaking.

When Basha was being towed (I was seated in the passenger side of the tow truck), I saw the car in the side mirror. It was as if saying, “Look what you have done to me.”



“Kamusta si Basha?” was everyone’s question.

They all laughed when they told the story to Rose and she asked a different thing, “Kamusta si Orlee?”
“Oo nga naman. Kamusta si Orlee?”

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