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Being Elsa

Janice was supposed to sing Elsa’s part for our “mini production of Frozen” during the CVC’s 9th Anniversary party.

She failed because the snow was too much… and it was so funny.

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I have remitted the allowance to my sister this week and have sent the following message:”Tem, naipadala ko na ang pera. Itakas mo na ang mga bata. Umalis na kayo dyan sa bahay na yan! Dali!”

Last time I told her, “Nasend ko na, ipatumba mo na sa mga bata…”
Even before that: “Nasayo na ang pera, tigilan nyo na ang pamilya namin.”




Bing and Aries

Bing saw Aries, our transient border, walk in the living room while we were hanging out. They were never formally introduced.
“Orlee,” Bing told me, “Hindi pa kami napakilala,” I knew what Bing meant as it would be awkward if people are hanging out in the same place and they don’t even know each other’s name.
“Ahhh,” I told her, “Ok,” and did not even introduce them.


Well she didn’t ask if I could introduce them to each other.

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Matalino Tito

Tem tagged me in this tweet:

“Ako ay nagsasawa na. Ang tatalino ng mga anak mo, buti na lang mana kay Tito. Di ba pwedeng mana sa akin? Pag matalino kay Tito agad?”

Apparently, her sons received the “Matalino” compliment again. And yes… Sa akin mana ang mga pamangkin ko kapag matalino.


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Support in Gym

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 12.15.15 PMAt the gym, Atong and I interchange the usage of the word Support and Spot.
So when he told me to “support” him while he does his Pull Ups, instead of going below him and push his legs up, I went on his side and screamed, “Go! Go! Go! Kaya mo yan!”
He stopped and laughed it off.
“Seryoso na!” he told me.

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Rodriguez Shades

Ronald was wearing his Oakley over while wearing a suit for work, we told him, “Hindi naman bagay yang shades mo sa suot mo. Dapat formal din.”
He has answered, “Pang tulog ko lang naman yan sa Metro.”
“Pero kahit na. Dapat RayBan.”
“Hindi naman bagay sa akin ang RayBan. Nauuntog sa pisngi ko.”
“Anong RayBan ba ang alam mo?” I asked him,” Yung Aviator lang ba? Marami nang klase ng RayBan. Hindi na to 1970s,”
“Yun lang kasi alam ko yung laging suot ni Rodriguez,” I knew he meant Michelle Rodriguez.
“Celia Rodriguez?” Eric asked.
We all laughed. We all imagined Ronald idolizing Celia Rodriguez’ shades.


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Father’s Day 2014

“Kuya, happy father’s day!” screamed the towel girl at the gym.
“Hindi pa!” I screamed at her.
“Ay nagalit…” She told herself out loud.

Atong came by and was asked by the same girl, “Kuya, tatay ka na?”
She asked every other guy if they are father’s first before assuming.


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Will You…

During Mitch’s birthday back in 18th May, our friends were kind of expecting that I pop the big question so I kiddingly played along.

When everybody settled down, I told them, “Guys! I think this is the perfect moment…”
Bing cried, “Eto na! Naiiyak ako!”
“Kinakabahan kami,” Marish said.
Mitch smiled and closed her eyes.
“Guys… I would like to ask… if we could pray before we eat?” I told them.
They all laughed.
“Bakit kayo tumatawa?” I asked them.
“Hon,” I then told Mitch, “WILL YOU… Lead the prayer?”
Laughter exploded again.


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“Kuya, dumating na quarterly dues mo sa Insurance,” my sister told me.

After a few days, I’ve sent the following photo to her and told her, “Tem, ayan na napadala ko na yung Php 2,700. Dinagdagan ko na ng Php 200.00 para pang-gimik mo sa Tagaytay. Have fun.”

“Kuya, salamat! Pang-gas din ‘yun,” She answered sarcastically.




Not a Good Place to Be Britton

My boss, an Englishman, said he was up until 2 AM last night because of a fight. It was two British guys who fought.
I then told him that Filipinos only watch Boxing if it’s Pacman.

20140131050204!Ricky_Hatton_vs._Manny_PacquiaoHe then shared that when Hatton was against Pacman, he was in the Philippines. He said, “It was not a good place to be Britton at that time in Manila.”
I then told him, “Imagine if Hatton won against Pacman – you could have died.”
“I would have been sealed shut inside a concrete column,” he kiddingly answered.

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