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Pacquiao As Our Only Topic

During our Brazilian honeymoon, we tried real hard to communicate with our fellow tourists. We, of course, only speak English so only those who are willing to speak to us are the only ones we can speak freely. Most tourists were Hispanics or Portuguese-Speaking.

One time, we met a Mexican couple who was not able to speak English.
I asked them, “Habla Ingles?”
They answered No so we just looked at them and smiled courteously.
We told them, “We, Pilipinas,” then pointed at them, “You?”
Then we just smiled, “Ahhh Mexico!”
Then without anything to talk about, they just screamed, “Pacquiao!”
“Yes! Pacquiao,” we answered and then screamed, “Barrera!” and that’s it.
It was funny and sad at the same time.


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Not a Good Place to Be Britton

My boss, an Englishman, said he was up until 2 AM last night because of a fight. It was two British guys who fought.
I then told him that Filipinos only watch Boxing if it’s Pacman.

20140131050204!Ricky_Hatton_vs._Manny_PacquiaoHe then shared that when Hatton was against Pacman, he was in the Philippines. He said, “It was not a good place to be Britton at that time in Manila.”
I then told him, “Imagine if Hatton won against Pacman – you could have died.”
“I would have been sealed shut inside a concrete column,” he kiddingly answered.

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Ang Galing Talaga ng Pinoy

Efren Penaflorida, the pushcart educator, won the 2009 CNN Hero of the Year award.

Filipinos everywhere are happy for him but what is most noticeable is the fact that Filipinos are riding again on his ‘pushcart’ of success saying, “Ang galing talaga ng Pinoy!”
With this I’d like to say, “No! Hindi lahat ng Pinoy, si Efren lang.”

It’s like Manny winning his 7th boxing title, “Ang galing talaga ng mga Filipino sa boxing!”
I answered, “Hindi! Magaling si Manny sa boxing, hindi lahat ng Pinoy.”

Ang Galing Talaga ng Pinoy  is a tag line Filipinos would say if they have nothing better to do but to ride in their kababayans success. People who can’t prove anything.

You know what I’d like to hear? Ang galing talaga ni Efren / Manny… (dahil Pinoy siya).

With this, Zinnia, my colleague, answered, “Ang damot mo naman. Bawal makishare sa success?”

Congratulations Efren Penaflorida! Ang galing MO!

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Nasaan ka Corazon?

Nanay’s health got me really worried that I had to call everyday to check up on them.
Ponette, my niece, answered this morning, “Hello?”
“Pong! Lola?” I asked.
“Wala po, Tito.” It really got me worried: Nasa ospital na ba s’ya? Inis-chedule na ba sya sa kidney cyst removal n’ya?
“Nasan?” I asked.
“Nasa Bucandala (other baranggay), nanonood ng laban ni Manny Pacquiao.”

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