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Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin

I was singing my heart out the song IKAW ANG LAHAT SA AKIN by Martin Nievera and was pretty confident that I was hitting the right notes.
The problem being married to a choir singer, while I was hitting the part, “Ikaw lang lahat sa aaaahhaaakinnnn!!” someone would shout at the door, “FLAT!”
Thanks my ego booster.

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She then sang, “Sa akin!” hitting the high notes.
I snapped back at her, “SHARP!”

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Marvel Cinematic Universe Fanboy

I’m a big fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies that I actually told my then fiancee, “Ipapalabas na ang Ant-man sa July! Yun talaga ang highlight ng buong buwan ng July ko.”
“Yun talaga?” She asked, “Di ba kasal natin ang July.”


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Wifey & Hubby

One time, I called my wife, “Hey, wifey.”
She then answered, “Yes, hubby!”
I kidding-ly answered, “Yun lang naman ako sa’yo eh. Libangan!”
“Ewan ko sayo!” she answered snickering.


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Asians in Brazil

In Brazil, I would always get the occasional “Arigato” or “Nihao Ma” maybe it’s the eyes, maybe it’s the nose.


“Akala ko pa naman makaka-blend in tayo dito, hon.”

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Sweet Amag

During our Brazilian trip for our honeymoon, one hotel served a delicious-looking cake, she got one.
“Yuck! Lasang amag,” she screamed after taking a bite, “Tikman mo.”
“Lasang amag nga eh,” I replied, “Bakit ko titikman. Ang sweet mo!”


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Forever Requirement

“Baka hindi muna ako makapunta sa wedding mo,” A friend told me. She recently separated from her husband, “Bitter pa ako sa mga wedding.”
“Ok lang,” I answered.
“Galit ka?” she asked.
“Hindi, baka kasi magmaktol ka lang dun. Saka kailangan kong bisita naniniwalang may forever.”
“Grabe naman requirement ng bisita mo… Kailangan naniniwala sa forever.”


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Valentine Requirement

After our grocery shopping, I asked Mitch, “Kailangan ba kitang bigyan nyan?”


“Huwag na sayang pera,” she answered, “Bayaran mo na lang grocery ko.”
“Wow! Praktikal.”

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