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Ewww Healthy

I posted this on Instagram last month,

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 1.14.27 PM

I’ve put honey instead of caramelized sugar on my soya curd, “TAHO WITH HONEY.”
To which Paula, said, “Ewww healthy.”

After committing to a healthy lifestyle, I had a hard time maintaining that in the Philippines during my 2 week vacation for the wedding.

I shopped for healthy options for me and them: Granola Bars, Honey for sweeteners, Nuts instead of chips and soya milk and fruit juices for soda.
I told Sam (while Tem was there), “Sam, eto mga healthy food ha.”
“Saaaam, eto masarap oh,” Tem answered, “chocolate, sembe, coke, potato chips… yum!”
Sam torn between her morals, “Tito, mas masarap offer ni Tita Tem.”

The devil won.

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Ajug Rice

Tatay is really getting fat and I wanted him to change his eating habits. One way of telling him off is by guilt shaming his food intake.

One time, I saw him scooped  a lot of serving of rice for his little viand.
I told him, “Tay! Andami naman n’yan!”
Surprised, he answered, “Hindi ko kakainin ‘yan… Titignan ko lang oh,” and stared at his food.
“Kung titignan n’yo lang eh di picture-an na rin natin.”



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Wash Out

After not seeing Rob and Dianne for 4 months. They have commented that Atong and I have grown big. We have been going to the gym religiously for 2 months now.

“Ang laki n’yo agad,” Rob commented.
“Thanks,” we answered.
“Pero dapat pahinga rin kayo ng konti sa protein. Mag wash out kayo para malinis ang liver,” he suggested.
“Hoooh! Ayaw mo lang malampasan ka namin eh,” I told him.
“Feeling ko nga,” Dianne answered, “Hindi ka naman nag-wa-washout eh. Ayaw n’ya lang siguro malampasan,” she added.
We all laughed after that.


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Spotting in My Dream

After office, I see to it that I immerse myself to physical fitness.
And immerse I did as apparently, even in my dreams I am spotting for someone in the gym.
Ronald, my roommate, told me, “Nagsasalita ka nanaman kagabi.”
“Anong sabi ko?”
“Sabi mo: ‘Ok kaya mo yan… 1, 2, 3, 4…'”

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 10.21.27 AM

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Support in Gym

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 12.15.15 PMAt the gym, Atong and I interchange the usage of the word Support and Spot.
So when he told me to “support” him while he does his Pull Ups, instead of going below him and push his legs up, I went on his side and screamed, “Go! Go! Go! Kaya mo yan!”
He stopped and laughed it off.
“Seryoso na!” he told me.

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Gold’s Gym Trainor

Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 11.00.07 PMIt has now been two months since I have rejoined a fitness club. This time, Atong, Ronald and I joined Gold’s Gym in Reef Mall.

As part of the one year membership in the said gym, every member had a chance to have an assessment and have a fitness plan to be given by the resident trainor. The first three session will be overseen by them.

For me, an Imus-native trainer was given to me – what a small world – and he was serious about his job. So serious that after the first session, my body ached for two days.

On my next visit, I assumed the worst and he gave me a fitness challenge: 3 km spinning at level 12, 20 push up, 20 jumping jack, 20 squats and 20 sit ups. It looked easy on paper but it was damn hard.

After clocking at 13 mins, I finally told my trainer, “Uy! Nakakapagod yun, ah. Thank you ha? Kelan ulit tayo?”
He then answered, “Anong kelan ulit tayo? Warm up pa lang ‘yun.”


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“Sakit ng katawan ko… NAGCHES ako,” Atong said.
“Hala!” Mitch reacted, “Nag-chest lang sumakit na katawan mo?”
I got what Mitch heard but I knew what Atong said. He meant CHEST. Mitch heard CHESS.
“Nag-chest exercises si Atong sa gym,” I told Mitch.
Atong laughed and said, “Ano ba akala mo Mitch? Chess?”
“Akala ko naman nagkasuntukan na dahil sa chess,” Mitch answered.

Orlee Mitch Atong

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