Oldies Dancing 

During Reineer and Vanessa’s wedding A told her husband, “Nagsasayawan pa rin ang matatanda. Ayaw paawat.”

Her hubby looked around and noticed no white haired dads nor cougar moms dancing. So he asked, “Nasaan?”

She smiled and told him, “Tayo yun.”

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Perspective Kat

Kat and Kris went to Norway. 

Kris sent me this photo and it made my day.

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Sab Cute

Before Sab was born, I told my wife, “Alam mo, hon, kahit hindi cute ang baby natin. Mamahalin ko pa rin sya ng buong-buo. Yung tipong cute pa rin sya sa paningin ko. Kahit hindi.”

After she was born, I told her again, “Napakaswerte natin. Napaka-cute ni Sab. Kamukhang kamukha ko.”

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Welcome to My World 

“Maginaw pala dito sa office,” I told Z.

“Why?” She asked.

“Wala kasi kaming AC sa bahay for newborn Sab. Nag-a-adjust ako mukhang nasanay na ako sa mainit.”

“Ahhhhh. Welcome to my world,” of parenthood.

“Maginaw! Matibag sa mundo nyo,” I told her.

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Atong and I inquired on a dentist for Dennis after one of our workouts “Magkano pa-check up?” Atong asked.

“Ano po ipapaayos?” The receptionist asked.

“Ngipin,” I answered.

“Syempre po ngipin. Ano po? Cleaning? Bunot?” He replied annoyingly.

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“Hon,” I asked my wife, “Paano ako makakasiguradong anak ko to?” 

“Hello,” she answered, “Kamukhang kamukha mo kaya!”

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Happy Diwali 2016

Our neighbors were celebrating the Hindu Festival of Diwali. They honor the day by lighting up candles and placing some of in front of their houses. 

Being the naive 3 year old that he is, Marclee sang Happy Birthday to himself and blew each of the candles. 

His dad told him, “Marclee, no! It’s not for birthday.”

He thought it’s his birthday whenever there are lit candles lying around. 

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