I told Ronald, in front of Atong, “Dada, mali pronunciation ni Atong ng Vehicle. Sabi nya Ve-Hee-Kl.”

“Please!” He answered. Ridiculing Atong while rolling his eyes.

“O sige nga? Anong tama?” Atong asked Ronald.

He laughed so hard then answered, “Yun din pala sasabihin ko.”

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Monkey Baby

At 20 months, my baby decided to stop drinking milk (I’m not posting here for any unsolicited advise – yes I’m talking to you Lea), and it’s amazing how my baby transformed into an ape whenever she feels sleepy.

Instead of the usual, “Milk! Milk!” She now asks for “Banana… banana…” whenever she wants to sleep.

She would hold the fruit, bite on a banana and slowly but surely fall asleep.

Banana baby.

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3 English Speaking Kids… Well…

Marclee: what is that? (Pointing at the fog)

Rafa: I don’t know.

Marclee: what’s that?

Ysri: Oh no! It’s a sunog!

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Nanay: Vice President

Nanay: Vice President na ako sa Senior Citizens sa Baranggay eh.

Tatay: Alam mo tawag sa kanya?

Mitch: Ano ho?

Tatay: Vice Tanda.

Me: Kelan ho kayo magiging presidente?

Nanay: May 2 years nalang si President.

Tatay: Sinong doktor ang nagsabi?

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Millenial from Cavite

“WTF?!” I told them.

“Anong sabi mo?” Ronald asked.

“WTF – what the fuck…” my wife spelled out.

“Millenial ako eh.” I explained. 

“Ang arte,” Ate Weng answered, “wala naman tayo sa Manila.”

“Millenial Hindi Manilennial.”

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My Wife the Kidnapper

After Marclee’s Gap Kids’ Fashion Show in City Centre Mirdif. Mitch, Ronald, Ate Weng and I went shoe hunting for Sab. Ronald waited outside a certain shoe brand with Sab (in the stroller) and Marclee.

Inside the store, Mitch noticed that the shoe She earlier checked is not on sale anymore.

I told her, “Sige next time na lang.”

“Ok,” She replied grabbing a stroller, attempting to come outside the store, “Tara!”

I told her, “Hon, di mo anak yan!”

She looked, realized her mistake, returned the baby and apologized to the parent who was just watching all of this unfold. He just smiled as his little baby was oblivious to all of this.

Ate Weng, Mitch and I were laughing at how this happened.

“Alam mo yung akala mo may dala kang stroller tapos hindi pala atin.”

“Hay sana naivideo ko.” I told my wife.

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Yas Waterworld… Ulit

My wife and I were on the road to Abu Dhabi when she told me, “Hon, di pa tayo nag-Ya-Yas Waterworld.”

She might have forgotten that we’ve been there before so I added, “…ulet,”

“Hon, di pa tayo nag-Ya-Yas Waterworld,” she said again.

“Ulet.” I answered. Insisting her to add that word.

“Hon, di pa tayo nag-Ya-Yas Waterworld,” she kept repeating. I realized that she might be thinking of me asking her to repeat her sentence.


“Hon, di pa tayo nag-Ya-Yas Waterworld! Ang bingi mo naman,” she told me.

“Ulet! Hindi pa tayo Nagya Yas Waterworld ULET. Nagpunta na tayo dun before,” I finally told her.

When we both realized our faults, we laughed all the way past Yas Island.

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