Korean Money Heist

Claris, our friend and who only watches Korean novela dropped by while we were engrossed watching Money Heist.

To entice her to watch, we told her, “Claris, maganda tong palabas na to. Halika! Money Heist Winter Sonata.”

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Take the Bed

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Mommy Thor

Mitch saw an insect in the kitchen and she wanted to immediately kill it. She saw the hammer on top of the toolbox and grabbed it.

Ysabella walked inside the kitchen and saw her mommy. “Mommy! Don’t hammer me!”

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“Andami nyong props kakain lang naman!” Mitch told the kids.

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When English Fails You

“Ysabella! Don’t marinate the fork in your mouth!”

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Poor Daddy

“Sing the birthday song for Daddy,” Mitch asked Ysabella.

She sang it nicely until the “dead daddy” part – she sang Poor Daddy… twice!

That’s the 2nd version where she corrected herself.


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Tissue Luglog

Last weekend, we ate at a branch of a popular chain restaurant in the Philippines.

We ordered a combo meal and a special pancit luglog as Atong advised, “Masarap daw Luglog nila dito.”

While eating the pancit, Mitch wondered on what was she chewing on. Slowly and surely, she realized that it was a piece of tissue found on the luglog!

“Hala!” She screamed, “Ano to?”

The waiter approached us, “Baka po sa preparation. Pasensya na po. Palitan na lang po namin.”

While the pancit was being cooked again, I told my wife, “Hon, eto nga,” while tearing up a piece of tissue, “Nguyain mo nga. Check mo kung eto nga yung naramdaman mo,” I told her with a straight face.

She looked at me with wonderment and asked, “Seryoso ka, Hon?”

We laughed at her almost attempt.

Upon the return of the waiter with the new plate, he again apologized.

I then told him, “Boss, yung chicken, may tissue din ata.”

We all laughed.

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