Lacs Flour

“Kuya, Harina ba o Arina?” Lacs asked. 

“Harina.” I answered. 

“Akala ko Harina.”

“Kapampangan ka kasi.”

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Pokemon Season

Jade: Uy! Nanonood ka ng Pokemon?!

Me: Oo. Meron sa Netflix. 

Jade: Anong episode yan?

Me: Season 1 episode 1. Mukhang maganda. 

Jade: Oo. Favorite ko yan! May DVDs ako nyan. Kumpleto. 

Me: Ilang season na?

Jade:  Mga 80 seasons na. Libo-libo na ang Pokemon. 

Me: Haaa?! Hindi na uy! Don’t wanna waste my time on that. 

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Nido 45

“Orlee, yung Nido ni Marclee yung pangbata,” Ate Weng told me. 

“Akala ko kasi pare pareho lang,” I answered. 

“Akala mo Nido Forty-five?” Ate asked. 

“Ate! Fortified!” 

“Forty-five! Ay?! Fortified ba?” She questioned herself. 

“Forty-five ka na, akala mo forty-five pa yung fortified?!”

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Happy Birthday Mayo

In our choir, we celebrate all monthly celebrators on a single Friday. For May celebrants, it was held last Friday. 

Japee requested for the cake from the bakeshop. 

Baker: Happy Birthday Mhay? As in may “h”?

Japee: Hindi po Mhay. May as in Mayo. 

Ayun nilagay nya nga Mayo. Mayonnaise? 

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Bongbong Supporter Barber

The election period was a time of great passion.  Passion for the support of your choice President of Vice President. 

As of press time, every other Presidential candidate conceded to Duterte while the battle for VP remains intact between the camps of BBM and Leni. 

I voted for Leni but I had no problem who ever wins (legally). Since my candidate was winning by 200k votes I’m fine with it.

Unfortunately, my barber, whom I only saw recently, while doing my hair, said, “Bakit kaya wala pa ring result, no? Halatang nagkakadayaan.”

I don’t want to negate him,though I believe Leni won cleanly, but I don’t want him to ruin my hair. I just told him, “Siguro nga, kung sino man mananalo okay lang siguro,” nervously. 

Ayoko nga sya kontrahin. May hawak syang gunting. 

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Long Pillow

Wife said, “Gusto ko yung long pillow.”

“Sige,” I answered, “Bukas na bukas… ” I pretended to answer as if I’m buying a new pillow but followed it with a, “Pagdudugtungin ko yung dalawang unan natin.”

We both laughed and she answered, “Siguraduhin mong ikayayaman mo yang pagtitipid mo.”

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Indoor Plants

We bought indoor plants as there was a consensus that:

A. We need to have the air purified

B. There are no fresh air that rotates inside our flat. 

C. We all know plants are good for stress, lungs and the eyes. 

So when we have finally finished setting it up, I told my flat mates, “Ayan! Ramdam ko na ang fresh air.”

“OA. Ambilis naman,” they answered. 

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