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Friend: Ano English ng – “Dito ako ngayon nag oopis sa branch na to”. Email ko kasi boss ko. Tama ba yung — “I’m currently officiating.”

Me: Hindi! Ano ka? Pari? 

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Gone With the Wind

I’ve read the trivias…

I’ve always known about the box office earnings adjusted to inflation…

I’ve seen the Academy Awards honors for it but…

I know the running time and it was indeed daunting: Gone with the Wind is a long movie. 3 hours 58 minutes to be exact!

So when I finally decided to watch it with my wife (without her knowing the running time), we were surprised to find the 1939 movie engaging.

“Napakahaba naman ng movie na to!?” My wife told me after she finally realized that we were 3 hours in. 

I laughed so hard as we were both trapped in the story while the ending seem to be far from sight.

“Yun na yun?” was her comment when the ending seemed open ended, “4 hours!?” 

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Comparing Babies and Poos

“Hon, dapat nararanasan mo rin tong puyat ko with Sab,” my wife shared. She has been up since our baby was born for 2-3 times a night just to feed the baby for 10-15 mins. 

“Alam ko yang antok na yan,” I told her. “Yan yung nagtatae ka pero gitna ng gabi. Gusto mo pa matulog.”

“Nay!” She screamed, “Iba yun. Hindi naman tae si Sab.”

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Pacing Area

Every time a colleague is on their mobile phone, they seem to love the habit of pacing around. Since their pacing place is near my desk, I told my pinoy colleagues in earshot, “Gagawin ko nga rin yang palakadlakad pag nasa phone.”

They laughed.

“Ang sasabihin ko — I’m not interested on your loans offer. Yung mga yun lang kasi ang tumatawag sa akin.”

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Cathy joined us today in our company so I told Kris, in front of Cathy, “Hay salamat. Pag nagkaproblema ang company malayo na tayo sa Last In First Out.” 

Great for building confidence for our new colleague. 

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Mayaman o Mahirap

Was chatting with Nanay the other day…

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Let it Be

“Guys, yung song na Let It Be hindi pa final ha?” Joy, our choir MD told us, “Papalitan pa yun… anong masa-suggest nyo?” This is for our September event for Mama Mary.

“Let it Go!” Everybody screamed. 

“Ang tataba ng utak nyo.”

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