Orlando Blooming

“Orlee, blooming ka ngayon. Simula nung nag-asawa ka parang pumogi ka,” Kathy told me.
“Parang sinabi mo namang panget ako dati,” I answered.
She laughingly answered, “Hindi. Totoo. Siguro dahil may asawa ka na.”
“Eh di alam na this Kathy. Mag-asawa ka na,” I told her.
“Para namang ako ang sinabi mong panget.”


Orlando Blooming and His Wifey

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OC Marclee

This boy is a obsessive compulsive in the making…

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They were about to cook Adobong Tahong and as they were de-shelling the seafood, I told my sisters and mom, “O picture! Ibuka n’yo ang mga tahong n’yo.”

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Seeing those parody shirts, “HABLOT” for the Hublot brand seems ‘meh’ but experiencing people say it sounds really funny.

When we were still preparing for our wedding, we had to, at one time, go to Dubai Gold Souq to purchase our wedding bands.
Afterwards, there were some people outside the jewelry stores, asking us if we want the watch brand for a cheaper amount.
“Pare, hablot?” says the South Asian guy.
“Ay ayoko nyan, hablot pala yan,” I answered.


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Kapatid Ako ng Groom

During last month’s wedding reception, my family’s table was the first to be served at the buffet table.

Since it was a served buffet, servers were assigned to scoop viands for the guests’ plates.
If you were there, you might have heard my sisters saying to the servers, “Hoy, dagdagan mo yung lechon. Kapatid ko yung groom. Nanay ko bumili ng lechon.”

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Share Tea Videoke

Last Friday, our group was requested to sing on a Christian event at the Sheikh Hamdan Centre along Emirates Road. Since the place is far from the city centre, the organizers had to arrange a vehicle pick up which unfortunately took 3 hours as their initial vehicle booking failed.

This meant more time for the group to stay where we had to converge: At Share Tea Shop inside the Burjuman Metro Station. It was your typical tea shop with a few tables and to our fancy, a TV for the customers to look at while waiting. What was playing were your classic ballads with lyrics. Some of the members were already singing along.

A few more minutes and some of the guys were already belting on the top of their lungs. Some of the late members were already saying, “Huy guys! Ang ingay nyo. Dinig kayo sa metro sa baba!”
People passing by were already looking at us.

While the guys were singing along with Whitney Houston, I ordered a cup of tea. I told the service lady, “Miss ayus tong videokehan nyo ha.”
“Sir, pine-play ko lang po yan. Hindi po yan dapat sinasabayan,” she answered.

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Wifey & Hubby

One time, I called my wife, “Hey, wifey.”
She then answered, “Yes, hubby!”
I kidding-ly answered, “Yun lang naman ako sa’yo eh. Libangan!”
“Ewan ko sayo!” she answered snickering.


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