Nong Nong Ball Z

We ate at Manga Sushi for Ness and Sef’s birthday celebration yesterday. 

The resto had anime action figures while serving ‘authentic’ sushi. 

Roaming around, Marclee saw this. 

And screamed, “Nong Nong!”

We asked Atong to pose like the figure. Hesitant he eventually caved in. 

It is indeed Nong Nong!

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Bawal Sa Buntis

Mat prepared the sauted tuna breakfast. I told them, “Naku! Bawal kay Mitch ang tuna. Bawal!”

Curiously, she asked, “Bakit bawal?”

I simply answered, “Bawal!”

“Aaaaaahhhh,” she answered. 

“Nagets mo yung reason? Dalawang beses ko lang naman sinabi na bawal?” I answered laughing. 

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Not Portrait

Last month, our friends and I went to Tblisi, Georgia. 

The view was magnificent on one park on top of a hill so Eric wanted to have a solo picture. Handing over his ipad to Ronald, he asked, “Kunan mo ako ng Landslide.”

Ronald laughed and screamed, “Eric! Landscape! Hindi landslide.” 


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John Lloyd Orlee

“Dapat sabihan mo pa rin na maganda si Mitch kahit tumaba sya,” my friends told over dinner tonight.   
“Kahit after 9 months pa yan,” I answered. “10… 11… 12! 13!!! 14!!!”
“John Lloyd?” They asked afterwards. 

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Start of Another Epic Chapter


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No Way

Marclee’s vocabulary is currently limited to “Ghagha” and “No way.”

Unfortunately, inside the church during a baptismal ceremony where the priest asks, “Do you renounce Satan?”

He screamed, “No way!”

Everybody looked their way. Ronald immediately took the boy and run outside the church. 

Ronald was embarrassed and laughing at the same time. 

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I don’t look my age. I look matured at 32. I know that since forever. 

Actually, correct that! I know I don’t look my age since… Grade 6. 

My (favorite) teacher told me (her favorite student), “Orlee, sabi ng ate ko kung co-teacher ba raw kita?” Then she laughed. 

Nice one, Ms. Michelle Vince Cruz, nice one. Haha. 

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