A Second Chance’s Life Lesson

After watching Basha and Popoy’s round 2 movie, ‘A Second Chance’ with my wife and friends, I asked Mitch, “Alam mo na ang lesson ng movie, Hon?”

“Oo,” She answered. 

“Huwag mangarap ng dream house. Kaya wag na tayo mag dream house ha?” I asked her. 

“Tanggap ko na yun,” she answered, “Dream closet nga wala eh. Dream house pa kaya?!”

Good wifey. 


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Age and Pop Culture Reference

Orlee: Natanggal na yung officemate natin. 

Aileen: Sino? 

Orlee: Yung kapangalan ng kaloveteam ni Cris Villanueva. Late 80s. Early 90s. 

Aileen: Aaaah. 

Orlee: Huli edad mo sa mga alam mong Love team. 

Aileen: That’s Entertainment! 

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Agree to Disagree

Over an argument, I asked my wife,”Ok lang ba na magkaiba ng opinion ang mag-asawa?”

“Oo naman, Hon,” she answered. 

Good. I thought to myself. 

Then she followed it with a, “Kaya nga may divorce di ba?” 



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Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin

I was singing my heart out the song IKAW ANG LAHAT SA AKIN by Martin Nievera and was pretty confident that I was hitting the right notes.
The problem being married to a choir singer, while I was hitting the part, “Ikaw lang lahat sa aaaahhaaakinnnn!!” someone would shout at the door, “FLAT!”
Thanks my ego booster.

Profile Pic

She then sang, “Sa akin!” hitting the high notes.
I snapped back at her, “SHARP!”

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iPhone 6s for Yvette 

Yvette asked the kabayan sales lady, “Miss ano feature nyang iba?” 

“Ma’am, kung may iPhone 6 ka na ganun din yun.”

Nye! Ano ba yan pano ka  naman makakabenta kung ganun.

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Circle of Life Lower

11822414_10206432478427431_1029797217636213623_nFermel and I share singing the solo parts of our choir’s rendition of Circle of Life.
Since he is back in the Philippines, I had to rehearse and try singing the full song alone — with the high parts.

During rehearsal yesterday, I was still able to hit the high notes.
The choir erupted in cheers.

After two more hours and on a different venue (we had to transfer from the church to The Fridge warehouse for our rehearsal) I cannot reach it anymore and my tones was stuck flat.
I was holding a microphone singing in front of the stage when Joy screamed, “Orlee, sa part ni Fermel ibaba mo lang.”
I was kinda nervous and had a sigh of relief when Joy said this, “Hay salamat. Octave lower,” I told myself

When I sang his part (octave lower) Joy screamed, “Yung mic lang ibaba mo. Hindi tono.”

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Marclee calls me Nongnong since I am his godfather. I thought, “Atong is also his godfather…” so for Marclee not to get confuse names having so many godfathers (thanks Ronald!) I’ve decided that Atong should have a separate name –Nongnog!

Atong heard me telling Marclee, “Marclee, I’m Nongnong. Ninang Mitch is Nangnang and Ninong Atong is Nongnog.”
Atong laughed hysterically, “Ninong na sunog!?”


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