Ajug Rice

Tatay is really getting fat and I wanted him to change his eating habits. One way of telling him off is by guilt shaming his food intake.

One time, I saw him scooped  a lot of serving of rice for his little viand.
I told him, “Tay! Andami naman n’yan!”
Surprised, he answered, “Hindi ko kakainin ‘yan… Titignan ko lang oh,” and stared at his food.
“Kung titignan n’yo lang eh di picture-an na rin natin.”



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Kape. Mainit.

downloadAte Pam, my eldest sister who has been based in Japan more than half her life seems to be slowly losing her command of the Philippine language. She would sometimes tell me, “Naiwan ang Ketai sa Kruma.” Naiwan ang celphone sa kotse. Last year, she was ordering a cup of coffee in Jollibee and she said, “Miss. Kape. Isa.” “Ma’am ano po?” asked the waitress. “Kape. Isa. Mainit.” Barok na?

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Spoiler Free Social Media

Kat, my colleague, and I religiously read and watch the Game of Thrones / A Song of Fire and Ice.

During our lunch time, the same day as the airing of season five’s finale (Mother’s Mercy), we wanted to avoid any spoilers so we kept off Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We just ate our food and told each other, “Ang boring pala kapag walang social media.”
“Wala,” I answered, “Kain lang tayo.”

She then screamed, “Orlee! LinkedIn! Wala naman sigurong spoiler dun.”

A few minutes later, “Kat, oh! May opening ng trabaho…”


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Suit of Error

Ronald and Atong decided to send their respective wedding suits in my balikbayan box in order to refrain from carrying these when they come home.
I specifically told Tem, “Tem yung mga suit kina Ronald at Atong yun ha. Yung kay Tatay bibitbitin ko palang.”

When the box arrived, Tem was upstairs but can hear nanay and tatay discussion downstairs.
Nanay: Eto na pala yung box!
Tatay: Nasan suit ko?
Nanay: Eto suit mo oh. Sukatin mo nga.

Tem immediately jumped and screamed in the staircase, “Hindi ho sa inyo yang suit! Kina kuya Ronald yan!”

Nanay: Hubad! Hubad!
Tatay: Kaya pala masikip.


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Healthy Cake

It’s her birthday. I told my friends, “Healthy cake gusto nun!”

 So we prepared a watermelon cake, “Healthy na, tipid pa.”

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Earn It

“Tagal mo sa CR!” Ronald blurted out.
“Nauna ako magising eh. Ano gusto mo? Pagkagising mo Ikaw na? Hindi ganun ang mundo. Gusto mo mauna, kailangan mo gumising ng maaga,” I told him, “You have to earn it.”
“Andami mo sinabi.”

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I told the female receptionist, “There’s no AC in the men’s toilet.”
“Also in the women’s toilet,” she answered.
I told her, “Then it’s just fair. Thanks!”

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