Sweet Amag

During our Brazilian trip for our honeymoon, one hotel served a delicious-looking cake, she got one.
“Yuck! Lasang amag,” she screamed after taking a bite, “Tikman mo.”
“Lasang amag nga eh,” I replied, “Bakit ko titikman. Ang sweet mo!”


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Ewww Healthy

I posted this on Instagram last month,

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 1.14.27 PM

I’ve put honey instead of caramelized sugar on my soya curd, “TAHO WITH HONEY.”
To which Paula, said, “Ewww healthy.”

After committing to a healthy lifestyle, I had a hard time maintaining that in the Philippines during my 2 week vacation for the wedding.

I shopped for healthy options for me and them: Granola Bars, Honey for sweeteners, Nuts instead of chips and soya milk and fruit juices for soda.
I told Sam (while Tem was there), “Sam, eto mga healthy food ha.”
“Saaaam, eto masarap oh,” Tem answered, “chocolate, sembe, coke, potato chips… yum!”
Sam torn between her morals, “Tito, mas masarap offer ni Tita Tem.”

The devil won.

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Higop Tae

To make contacts in the address book, Nanay would have a hard time the names of her contacts so for one ‘poso negro’ contact, ate Mimi helped nanay by naming it HIGOP TAE.

Sam was shocked at the name and laughed hardly.


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Butchoy Dilat

Nanay told one story last night.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 6.22.48 PM“Yang si Butchoy eh sobrang dilat nyan nung araw. Dati eh nagtae yan ng isang araw. Dinala ko sa ospital eh ang sabi ng Doktor eh alalang-alala! Sabi ng doktor eh, ‘NAY! ILANG ARAW NA HO YANG NAGTATAE? BAKIT NGAYON NYO LANG DINALA?’ Dok isang araw lang. Madilat lang talaga.”



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Flying Monster

Ate Richie looked up with freight while my cousin was speaking to her on this bench located at the dark side of our backyard with lots of trees around. 

My cousin wondered but she continued talking. 

Ate Richie then ran a full sprint.

Cousin followed suit without even checking what it was screaming, “Ate Richie!!! Ano yun?!?!?!!” She wondered. A banshee? A kapre? A tiktik?


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Funny Design Error

Mitch showed this to Yvette, Atong and me. 

“Parang tanga yung gumawa.”

“At least hindi kita yung mukha,” I answered. 

We all laughed at it. 

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Team Pari vs Team Tren

During one dinner with our Dubai friends (Rigga Babies), Marclee unfortunately fell and wounded his knee.

We all tried to scare him and told him, “Hala ka may lalabas na…”
Then at the same time, some screamed, “Pari,” while others screamed “Tren.”

“Pari? Pano lalabas ang pari sa sugat?”
“Tren ang sa inyo? Pano yun? Magkakariles pa sa sugat para lang makalabas ang tren?”
“Walang logic ang pari… Isang buong tao lalabas sa sugat ng bata?”
“Oo nga naman kasi logical na lumabas ang tren kesa sa pari.”


“Hala ka! May lalabas na tren sa sugat mo.” – Team Tren

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