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Comfy Shoes for Marish

Marish was keeping her office footwear outside her door and have noticed that the number of pairs seem to be increasing by the week.
I asked her, “Dumdati na sapatos mong pang-office ah.”
“Naghahanap kasi ako ng komportable talaga.”
“Nahanap mo na?” I asked.
“Hindi pa rin.”
“Alam mo kung ano ang pinaka-komportable? CROCS!” I suggested.


And we all know how ugly CROCS are.

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Marish’s 2012 Birthday

It’s Marish’s birthday! This time we just had a simple dinner prepared by the couple.
For our gift, Ronald, Atong, Bing and I shared a three-part gift:

A cake…

“Maligayang Kaarawan! Tiya Marisha!!!”

A Pandora charm…

And our favorite (The Epic DUBAI Tshirt)…

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Male Cynthia Patag

“Di na kasya,” I told Marish and Ronald. I was talking about the stuff monkey my sister,  Tem, told me to bring home.
Marish had a bright idea, “Hand carry mo na lang!”
“Cynthia Patag!!?!?!?!” I screamed back.
“Hindi!” She answered, “Sa hand luggage! Ang laking tao may hawak na stuff toy!”


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Bandar Seri Begawan Hotel

Atong asked, “Di pa natin natataawagan hotel natin sa Brunei.” We have an 8-hour stopover and a free hotel check in is mandated by the airline if such case happens.
Instead of asking him about the hotel, I asked Ronald, “Natawagan mo na yung stay natin? Bandar Seri Begawan?”
Marish overheard and screamed, “Malaysia!”
Ronald knew it was incorrect, so he corrected her, “Hindi! Sa Traders tayo mag-stay hindi si Bandar Seri.”
“Mali-mali geography n’yo!” I told them. 

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I don’t know what wind struck me today but I suddenly had an urge to download 90s music. Alanis Morisette, Aerosmith, Larusso, Pizzicato Five, etc.
When it was time to download Hanson’s famous 90s song, Marish, who was in my immediate area (within the first four beats of the song), said, “Shuhada! Mmmbop?”
“Alam!?” I screamed, “Alam na kung sino ang favorite ang Mmmbop.”
Jade, her husband, immediately came out from the kitchen and started singing the lyrics perfectly. After the song he said, “Favorite ko ‘yan.”
“Hindi naman halata!” I told him.


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Iceland: Marish. Babae.

We went to Iceland, the water park in Ras Al-Khaimah,  last weekend.

Marish prepared herself and took an hour to pack for a days trip. When she realized that it was too late that everyone was waiting for her, she grabbed everything and put it all on her bags (not one but two) and continued prepping in the car.

Forty minutes in the travel, after she has put all her face, lotion and moisturizers, she finally had the time to check her gadgets: “Ay!” she screamed, “Wala yung memory card ng camera!”

Babae nga.

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Atong’s Favorite Pair of Shorts

When Ronald and Atong were newly acquainted, Ronald have noticed that Atong wears a pair of shorts every time Atong goes out. Ronald told me, “Parang yun lang ang laging suot in Atong.”
He was hesitant to point it out to his  new friend but since the friendship are forged better, Ronald can finally say this, “ANO BA SUOT MO NANAMAN ‘YANG SHORT NA ‘YAN?!”
Atong, quite embarrassed, asked, “Napansin n’yo ba?”
“Isa lang ba short mo?” we asked him.
“Di naman. Favorite ko lang.”
“Hindi naman halata…”

Boracay Trip

Jed Madela Concert in Dubai

Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines

NBA Jam Fest in Abu Dhabi

Photo op when he bought his car.

Desert Safari in Dubai

While touring Singapore

“Napansin n’yo rin pala!” Marish told us afterwards, “Akala ko ako lang nakakapansin.”
“Favorite mo ‘yung brown mong short talaga,” Ronald told Atong, “Pati si Marish nahalatang yun lang ang suot mo.”
“Hoy! Yellow ‘yun!”


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Previously on Harry Potter

Che, naalala mo pa ba ‘yung Part 1 nito?” I asked my friend. I wanted her to enjoy the movie by remembering the first part of the installment: HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS.
“Oo. Pag nakita ko ‘yung mga tao maaalala ko ‘yung istorya,” Che answered.
“Baka kasi mag-expect ka ng (voice over na) ‘Previously on Harry Potter’ or ‘yung parang sa mga teleserye na may ‘Nakaraan…’ sa gilid,” I told her, “Si Marish kasi akala may ganun.”

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The Voice (of Mine)

Learning about a singing contest entitled, “The Voice,” where the contestants are judged by their voices and not by their faces, Marish exclaimed, “Orlee! Sali ka!”

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