10 Reasons to Know if You’re a True Blue Caviteno

  1. You put ‘eh’ in the end of a sentence if you want to convince someone.
  2. You know the complete meaning of Gentri, Trece and Dasma and the correct pronunciation of Silang.
  3. You know that Rice Crispies are not the real treats from Cavite.
  4. You voted for Ping Lacson during the last Presidential Elections.
  5. You wake up early to go to Manila every Monday because of the Talaba-Coastal Road Traffic.
  6. You use the word ‘solo’ to pertain to memorize and the prefix ‘dang-‘ to denote greatness or maximum. (e.g. Dang-ganda ng palabas kagabi, dang-galing ng talent nya, eh.)
  7. You love tahong and talaba.
  8. You know that the best beaches in the Philippines are not located in Cavite (e.g. Lido Beach, Rikitoy).
  9. You understand that the sentence “Nakain s’ya ng isda” means that the fish did not eat him but it’s the other way around.
  10. You know that Manggahan, Langkaan, Pinyahan, Sinigwelasan and Niyog are not fruit farms.

* This is my top ten. Everyone is entitled to my opinion. Hehe.


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