Spoiling Harry Potter 1 of 2

Hp6  ***WARNING: Harry Potter Fans! Spoiler Ahead! Do not read if you haven’t read book 6.***


Reading Book 7 of the Harry Potter Series, Deathly Hallows, I can’t help reading the book quick enough to finish it in three days. People would ask me, “Why read it quickly?”

I simply answered, “Kailangan eh.”

This is ofcourse basing from a previous experience, a few years ago, two years to be exact, I was reading, Book 6, Half-Blood Prince. I was reading it enjoyably.

It was all ok, I was almost done with the book, then Joy Dela Cruz texted me, “Mamamatay si Dumbledore!”

I was really pissed and asked her why text such a spoiler, she said, “Gumaganti lang ako kasi si Jiyanne (her cousin; a former classmate) tinext din sa akin ang ending.”

Why transfer the anger to me? Why does her revenge be stroke on me? Stupefy!

I moved on from there. I told myself, nobody will spoil me the concluding book, HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS.


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