Remote Emote

The TV Remote finally reached its breaking point. It was dropped constantly so it finally broke.

After searching for ways to make it still work, Ponette finally discovered that if you point the remote within an inch range (take note: an inch) it will work.

Ponette said to her lolo, my father, “Lo, pag tinapat mo yung remote sa TV, gagana pa rin.”

Tatay tried it and switched the channels. He was waiting for the Pacquiao-Diaz fight in Channel 12 but it was a commercial break so it was ok to try the remote on his favorite channels: 20, 26, 37 and 78.

At channel 78, the remote stopped working, tatay realized that he has to manually switch the channel from channel 78 downward (and the commercial break in his boxing might be over). He screamed, “Putangina! Danglayo ng channel!” while pressing the channel down button.


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