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CVC 8th Anniversary Party: Arrange Yourself by Age

During the choir’s 8th year party, one game was played: “ARRANGE YOURSELVES BY…”
It was agreed that if you all have finished arranging yourselves, your team should sit down so that the judges can see you.
Wawee, the game master, screamed, “Arrange yourself by AGE!”
Here’s the video:

It’s obvious that Team A, the one in front, is still arranging their age but when I screamed, “UPO!” both teams sat down.
My own teammate, Arn, was left standing and asked, “Ako pinakamatanda?”
Only then that Kuya Arnold realized that he was on the other end.


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“Punta kaming Fujairah,” I told Arn.
“Fujai-fujai? Madaming Fujai dun,” he answered.


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Sweeney Toddler

The choir was practicing songs for the upcoming Sweeney Todd.
Since a few members were vertically challenged, Arn said, “Sweeney Todd-ler and the Hobbit.”


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Capiznon Joke

One kabayan patient asked Arn, “Taga-saang province ka?”
Arn answered, “Capiz… Aaaaaarrrghhhh!” mimicking the legendary aswangs of Capiz, he then asked, “Eh ikaw?”
“Capiz…” the patient answered.
“Ahhh…, ” Arn replied. Embarrassed he tried to save the conversation by saying, “Ok naman sa Capiz…”

Arn Dinner

Sa dinami-dami ng probinsya, talaga namang taga-Capiz pa ang nagtanong.

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Let It Be Soloists

Since the Tenor soloists for Let It Be, Fermel and Kuya Arnold, were absent in the practice, the Basses discussed…
Orlee: Oh, ako na sa solo ni Fermel.
Nike: Ambisyoso.
Orlee: Sige sayo na yung kay Kuya Arnold.

Glenn and Arn-arn, the Tenors present in the practice, were apparently listening.  They told us, “Excuse me. Nandito kami.”

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Mistaken Huy-Dentity

“Huy!” Arn screamed at Alex. Arn found him using the mirror in the men’s bathroom at St. Mary’s Church.
The guy looked back at him: IT WASN’T ALEX. Same shirt, same built but not Alex.
“Hala! Baka isipin n’ya baliw ako,” Arn though to himself so he then proceeded singing,”Huy… huy… huy…” until he left the toilet.

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CVC on BBM: Uniform for Tomorrow

My choir’s Blackberry Messenger group’s discussion today… by the way the costume tomorrow is blue and white.

Arn:     Anong uniform tom??
Orlee:  A top as rich as royal and a pair of trousers as white as snow.
Arn:     Wow!!! Confidence! So orange and top???
Rollie:  Bakit sa calendar blue yun top? Bakit nagbago? Cno nagbago?
Kathy:  Light blue and girls
Ella:     Royal blue and boys, sky blue girls
Rollie:  Hay tokwa.. Si Arn pala ang nagsabi ng orange eh… So ang akala nya pala is royal as in Royal Tru Orange
Tina:   Napatawa ako ng malakas dun… Royal tru orange!
Mabel: Hahahahaha royal tru orange!!!

The Christian Voices Chorale

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CVC @ 7: Chinese Themed

Last year we celebrated the first 6 years of CVC with the epic CosPlay Party. To celebrate the 7th, Atong, Liza, Rollie, Kay, Ella, Ron and I were tasked by the Council to set up a Chinese New Year-themed party.

Last night was a success. Here’s a collection of the pictures from the event.

Running joke of the evening: Massage Parlor employees.

Fermel: Jed Madela Chinese look-a-like

Glenn Babasa: Laurice Guillien

Thei and Fermel: Stars of the evening… Rosebud and the Dragon

Special Awardee: Joy and Erwin: Couple of the Night… Lutong Macau!

Kuya Arnold received a jacket. Arn said, “Tamang-tama! Mag-sa-summer na.”

Game 3: Ponkan Peeling Contest. No hands!

Kung Hei Fat Choi!  From CVC Year 7!

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Lapis Ka Ba?

Playing around, Arn suddenly asked me, “Lapis ka ba?”
I knew it’ll be one of those crazy one liner games, so I answered, “Dahil drawing ako?”
“Hindi,” he answered.
“Dahil pointless ako?”
“Hindi rin.”
“Dahil number 3?”
“Eh ano?” I gave up.
“Kasi monggol ka.”

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Circle of Life Back Up

The lyrics for the backing voices for the song “Circle of Life” should be Hemnunya MA-EN Manabala but Arn-arn kept singing hemnuya MANYEN manabala.

I told him, “Huy mali ka.”
He didn’t believe me so he asked our musical director, “Joy, ano ba ‘yung lyrics dun?”
“Hemunya Ma-en manabala!” Joy answered.
“Hindi ba hemnunya manyen manabala?”
“Onyey Nyengkyu,” he kiddingly answered.


The ambitious song

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