Funny Bank Moment #10: Account Inquiry

“Ma’am mag-che-check po ako ng account ko kung may balance pa,” asked an old man to Chona.

“May dala po silang passbook?” asked Chona.

“Wala, Miss eh,” replied the client.

“Eh ATM po?”

“Wala rin eh.”

“Sir, may dala po ba silang ID?” asked Chona.

“Wala rin”

“Sir, sang branch po ‘yung account n’yo?” asked Chona now losing her patience.

“Sa Westmont,” replied the somehow not too sure client.

Chona checked her list of branches and saw that there is no Banco De Oro Westmont Branch.

“Sir, saan po yung Westmont?” Chona asked finally.

“Sa Westmont Bank?”

Chona then explained to the client that one couldn’t check an account balance of one bank from another.

After the client left Chona asked me, “Na-wa Wow Mali ba ako? May camera ba d’yan?”


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