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Ajug Rice

Tatay is really getting fat and I wanted him to change his eating habits. One way of telling him off is by guilt shaming his food intake.

One time, I saw him scooped  a lot of serving of rice for his little viand.
I told him, “Tay! Andami naman n’yan!”
Surprised, he answered, “Hindi ko kakainin ‘yan… Titignan ko lang oh,” and stared at his food.
“Kung titignan n’yo lang eh di picture-an na rin natin.”



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Suit of Error

Ronald and Atong decided to send their respective wedding suits in my balikbayan box in order to refrain from carrying these when they come home.
I specifically told Tem, “Tem yung mga suit kina Ronald at Atong yun ha. Yung kay Tatay bibitbitin ko palang.”

When the box arrived, Tem was upstairs but can hear nanay and tatay discussion downstairs.
Nanay: Eto na pala yung box!
Tatay: Nasan suit ko?
Nanay: Eto suit mo oh. Sukatin mo nga.

Tem immediately jumped and screamed in the staircase, “Hindi ho sa inyo yang suit! Kina kuya Ronald yan!”

Nanay: Hubad! Hubad!
Tatay: Kaya pala masikip.


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Japan Trip: Nanay and Tatay

“Tem, excited na si Tatay?” I asked my sister. Tatay and Nanay will spend a month (2 months?) in Japan.
“Oo kuya! Nandito nga kami ngayon sa mall namimili ng requests nina Ate,” my sister answered.
“Magagamit na nya mga jacket nya,” I told her.
“Naku kuya! Summer ngayon sa Japan. Napakainit daw. Sabi nga ni Tatay, ‘Ano ba yan!? Kung kelan ako mag-a-abroad, mainit pa?'” Tem chucklingly told me.


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Coffee for Balikbayans

Zanzibar-Coffee-House6“Kuya, kape?” Rosie, our Help offered me.
“Sige nga,” I answered.
Tatay overhearing this said, “Ako eh kanina pa gustong-gusto magkape… Wala naman nag-aalok. Ibang iba talaga pag galing abroad eh. Makapag-abroad na nga sa susunod.”

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Throwblog Thursday 1: Birthday Alibi

This was originally blogged on my friendster blog in 2007…

no-drinkingTatay decided not to hold a birthday celebration at home with all of his drunkard friends. He realized that it was too expensive to hold a celebration than eating out. We instead went to Dampa, Macapagal Ave to eat dinner and celebrate his 49th birthday.
I asked him, “Anong sinabi n’yo sa mga bisita n’yo bale?”
Tatay answered, “Ang sabi ko na lang eh masama na sa akin ang alak.”

Before going out, Tem decided to shop for diapers and baby stuff for Miguel with Xerlyn, wife of our cousin from Bucandala (baranggay next to ours). Their conversation went something like this…

Xerlyn: Hindi na pala maghahanda si Tito Ajug?
Tem:     Hindi na nga.
Xerlyn: Malala na raw kasi yung sakit n’ya.
Tem (pretending not to know): Talaga?
Xerlyn: Hindi na raw kasi kaya ng katawan n’ya.

Tem told us, “Tay, parang terminal case na yung sakit mo sa pagkakakwento ni Xerlyn.”

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Paksiw na Bisugo-teru

UnknownTatay cooked our dinner yesterday. A few hours later, Ate Pam, Tem and company decided they’ll eat out.
Tatay then told Tem, “Tem, dalhin nyo yung Paksiw na Bisugo sa (Japanese) restaurant. Walang kakain nun.”
Tem and I both laughed. Imagine: Paksiw na Bisugo in the rest, ‘Miss, painit?’

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Lumayas Kayo Dito!

37019_557988107587185_1602588071_n“Tsk!” Tem screamed, “Hay nakakainis!”
“Mommy, bakit?” Miguel asked.
“Nakakainis ang lolo mo. Kakagaling lang sa sakit may bisita na para mag-inuman,” she told her son.
“Ah ganun ba?” Miggy concluded, “Sige, Mommy, dyan ka lang ha?”

Miggy went to his Lolo and his friends and screamed, “Hoy! Lumayas kayo dito!!! Kakagaling lang sa sakit ng Lolo ko!”
“Miguel!” Lolo screamed embarrassed, “Magaling na ako! Dun ka sa loob ng bahay!”

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