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Ewww Healthy

I posted this on Instagram last month,

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 1.14.27 PM

I’ve put honey instead of caramelized sugar on my soya curd, “TAHO WITH HONEY.”
To which Paula, said, “Ewww healthy.”

After committing to a healthy lifestyle, I had a hard time maintaining that in the Philippines during my 2 week vacation for the wedding.

I shopped for healthy options for me and them: Granola Bars, Honey for sweeteners, Nuts instead of chips and soya milk and fruit juices for soda.
I told Sam (while Tem was there), “Sam, eto mga healthy food ha.”
“Saaaam, eto masarap oh,” Tem answered, “chocolate, sembe, coke, potato chips… yum!”
Sam torn between her morals, “Tito, mas masarap offer ni Tita Tem.”

The devil won.

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We Want Lola

“Ayaw na namin sa’yo Tita Tem. Namimiss na namin si lola,” my nieces told my sister. Nanay is in Japan.
“Eh ‘di ba yan ang gusto n’yo, hindi kayo pinapakialaman,” My sister asked them.
“Hindi n’ya kami pinapabayaan. Ikaw eh wala kang pakialam sa amin,” they are now missing their grandmother.

Ang gulo nila, Kuya, nung nandito Lola nila naiinis sila pinapakain sila, ayaw pa nila kumain. Ngayon sila bahala kumain, namimiss naman nila ang Nanay.


Tita Tem and the nieces (Paula and Sam)

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Uncle Bully

Sam was requesting for a picture from Paula using Sam’s phone but since Paula was also holding the SLR camera and I was in a hurry, I pushed Sam and told her, “Alis d’yan kami muna ni Tita Mitch.”

Minutes later, I saw this picture on instagram.

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 2.39.47 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 2.39.58 PM

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Tem and Sam: On Seatbelts

“Sam, wala kang seatbelt?” Tem asked Sam. We were almost home.
“Kakahubad lang po. Malapit na po tayo,” teenager Sam answered.
“Sam,” I told her, “Pag malapit ba di na maaksidente?”
“Pwede pa po.”
“O next time ha? Wag muna hubarin,” I told her.

Tem then shared a story, ” Ako nga dati. Malapit na sa bahay. Nabangga pa…”
“O tignan mo,” I followed.
“Pero lasing naman ako nun,” Tem finished.
“Ay…” I answered.

Argument Fail.

™ and Sm

Unsafe Driver, Unsafe Passenger

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Prank Call From Dubai

untitledI called home today.
Samantha picked up, “Hello?”
“SAM?!” I spoke.
“Hello?” she spoke again.
Since I rarely speak to my niece, I decided to horse around. “SAMANTHA CORONADO!” I sounded like a killer.
“Sino to?” she asked.
“SAAAAMMMMM……” I continued whispering.
“Ano kailangan mo kay Samantha Coronado?” She spoke again but this time I clearly heard that it was not Sam I was speaking to but my mom.
“Ay! Nay! Kamusta po?”
“Choy? Huwag ka ngang mananakot! Natakot ako sa’yo!”
“Sorry po…”


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Tweet of the Week: Unfollow the Cavite Governor

When the governor of Cavite twitted that the suspension of classes will resume on 10 August, after the dreaded Habagat disaster of 2012, she has thought of the best solution to prolong her holiday…


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Habagat Oversupply

While everybody else was drowning because of the oversupply of the Habagat rains, my niece tweeted:

Conyo Problem!?


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