Cozy Rainy Mornings

It’s everybody’s story.


Rainy season. Dark skies. Misty mornings. Can’t get out of bed. Then you realized, “Hey! I’m late for work!”


I hurriedly showered, ate breakfast and made myself up. I quickly went downstairs and put on my left leather shoe and then my right shoe. I felt something soft inside my shoe. It was soft and kinda wet. I picked it up thinking my nieces must’ve jokingly stuck clay in my shoe. I looked in and surprised to see a frog staring back at me. Nyaha! I threw off the shoe and changed my socks. I asked ate Mila (our house help) to throw the frog and clean the shoe.


I told the story to one of my friends and they suggested I should’ve kissed the frog. It might’ve been my princess charming. Eeeewwww!


It is everybody’s story.


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