Funny Bank Moment #7: Wrong Call

Ms. Cherry, the Marketing Officer in BDO Dasmarinas was trying to offer credit cards thru phone. She asked for a Ms. Lennie and the child who answered the phone handed it over to Ms. Lennie.

“Madam,” Ms. Cherry started and introduced herself, “do you have an existing Credit Card.”

“Oh, I’m just an extension for my husbands existing credit card…”



The conversation lasted for I think about 5 minutes, Ms. Cherry told the client that she could have her own card and that she need not to forward a lot of requirements since she is a valued client, blah blah blah…



Then, Ms. Cherry said to the client, “Ma’am, nasa’n po ba si sir Rudy?”

The client immediately corrected her, “Rudy? Ron…” with emphasis on Rooooon.



Ms. Cherry now wondered and asked, “Ma’am, Ms. Lennie ka di ba?”

“Hindi, Joy,” the lady on the other line answered.

“Ay sorry ma’am wrong number,” said Ms. Cherry apologetically.

After about 6 minutes of discussion, Ms. Cherry realized that she dialed the wrong number.


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