Spoiling Harry Potter Part 2 of 2

Hp_3 ***WARNING: Harry Potter Fans! Spoiler Ahead! Do not read if you haven’t read book 7.***

I was almost done, 50 pages to go, 2 Chapters on the way.

Jamie, a choirmate, and I were texting. I previously told her that if she would know any details about the ending; she should not, NEVER EVER tell me (I actually told all my friends about this). She said, “Ok.” She said she only read two chapters in Book 7. The last 2 chapters.

She then told me, “Kuya, ‘di ba kinasal si Harry at si Ginny?”

My world shattered! All my life’s work, over! I told her, “Jamie, I so hate you right now.”

She, I guess also shocked, said, “Huh!? Kuya! Hula lang ‘yun!”

Me, two chapters to go. She, read two chapters only, and which chapters? Yes! The two chapters that I haven’t read and she tells me that it was only a guess.


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