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Tito and His Gadgets

“Miggy, aalis na si Tito. Babalik na ako sa Dubai,” I told my little nephew.
“Tito… Dadalhin mo ang iPad?”
“Eh yung iPod na may monkey,” he meant the iPod Touch with the Temple Run app.
“Yung laptop na may Angry Birds movie,”  he meant the youtube videos with the Angry Birds’ movie parodies. He watch these using my laptop.
“Yes din,” I answered.
He disappointedly screamed, “Naaay!”


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iPad and Biking

Yesterday, Miguel and I had a big fight.

He was begging to borrow my iPad so that he could play Angry Birds. Since I’m pro-physical activity (believe it), I told him, “Sige. Pero mag-bike ka muna ng sampung ikot sa harap ng bahay.”
He disapproved and just sees only what he wants, “Tito! Palaro ng Angry Birds…”
“Ay ayoko. Bike muna ng 10 ikot.”
“Tito! Angry Birds! Tito! Angry Birds!”
It kept on and on and ignored the little boy and continued reading.

After I left, he picked my book up and tore one page.
When I saw this, I told him to apologize to me, “Mag-sorry ka kay Tito!”
“Ayoko! Galit ako sayo!”
I held him and never let go.
Nanay and Tatay came and asked for Miguel but I told them, “Pag nag-sorry na s’ya.”
My nephew continued to cry. “Ayoko! Galit ako sayo!”
“Bati na tayo, basta mag-sorry ka muna kay Tito. Ibibigay na kita kay Lola. Palalaruin pa kita ng Angry Birds basta sorry lang.”

After almost an hour of crying, he quieted down. He slowly sat in front of me, asked me, “Tito… Mag-so-sorry ako pagkatapos mo ako dalhin kay Lola.” (still on his own terms)
I picked him up, and brought him to his lola.

“Nag-sorry na?” Nanay asked.
“Pag dinala ko raw sa inyo mag-so-sorry na,” I answered.
“So…rry…” Miguel answered.
After 30 minutes of giving him to his lola, he approached me, “Tito, Angry Birds?” so I gave him my iPad.
He apologized on his own terms and was able to borrow the iPad without doing the 10 rounds of bike. Smart boy.

Today, first thing that he told me after I was up was, “Tito… Mag-ba-bike ako sa labas para pahiramin mo ako ng Angry Birds.”
I laughed and told him, “Sige! Ten ha?”
Here he is after the 10th round.

“Tito! Ten na!” He exclaimed.

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Miggy’s Angry Bird Addiction

Miggy knows how to play Angry Birds. The only hindrance between the game and him is when the iPad is in the home screen. “Tito, paano yung ‘Angry Birds’?”
One time he asked, “Tito palaro nitong Angry Birds?” while pointing at this app…

“Naku!” I told him, “Hindi yan Angry Birds. Twitter ‘yan.”

Bird nga naman yung sa twitter.


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Graduation Gift

“iPad na lang ibibigay namin sa pamangkin ko para sa graduation n’ya,” I told my Dubai buddies. Tem and I decided to give Paula a new iPad.
“iPad!? Ang yaman!” Bing screamed.
“Samantalang ako…” Atong shared, “Ang natanggap ko nuon… Isang pack lang ng brief. Pagkababang-pagkababa pa ng stage.”
“Kawawa ka naman…” we all agreed.

Here’s the screaming Paula with her new toy.

The presentation of the gift.

Can’t wait?

It’s not an underwear! 🙂


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iPad as a Phone

When Miggy first saw my iPad he won’t let go. He wanted to play Temple Run and Angry Birds on the bigger screen.
I am quite nervous how he handles my toy so I had to get it from him. I pretended, “Miggy! Nag-ri-ring!”
Got it from him and talk to the big gadget against my ear, “Hello? Oy! Kamusta….” and walked away.

“Eto, nasa harap ko ang bata. Kunyari kausap lang kita…”


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Farewell Alpha Nerd: Steve Jobs

Ness woke up to the sad news that bombarded cyberspace yesterday morning, “Steve Jobs is dead.”

Anj told her this even after she already read the tweets first thing she opened her eyes, “Patay na si Steve Jobs.”
“Oo nga,” she answered not knowing who this STEVE JOBS was.

On her way to work she thought to herself, “Saan kayng bansa presidente si Steve Jobs? Leader kasi nakalagay sa mga tweets.”  We laughed so hard but deep inside, I felt the sadness. #iSad… He was somehow a hero for me. An alpha nerd as you may put it.

I’ve summarized below the links about all things Apple on my blog for Steve…

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