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Dubai Marathon 2015

With his current knee pain, we all asked Atong, “Kamusta takbo mo?” We all ran the Dubai Marathon 2015.
“Mabagal lang ako,” he answered, “Sinabayan ko lang si Joms.”
“Parang offensive naman yung sinabi mo,” I told him in front of everyone, “Baka best effort na ni Joms yun.”
He realized what he said, “Hindi naman… Tamang bills lang.”


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24th day of January Hearing Impaired

Yesterday was a hectic day.

We ran the 10k for the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon at 7 AM.
Sang at the Sto Nino Festival in St Mary’s Church at 11:30 AM
Sinigang na Baboy Lunch at Al Rigga (2 PM)
Dinner at Boardwalk for Eric’s Birthday Celebration at Boardwalk by 6 PM

During the sinigang lunch…
“Ambilis naman! Naubos agad!?” Ronald topld Mat while she was sipping the Sinigang na Baboy soup, “Parang suso!”
“Anong suso?” I heard and corrected, “Linta!”
“Ang sabi ko soup! Hindi suso!” Ronald told me.

At dinnertime…
“Ang dami palang krus dito,” Atong told us after he was observing the deck from Boardwalk.
“Hindi yun krus. Crane yun para sa construction,” I told him. There were a lot of visible construction sights near the Dubai Creek.
“Cruise! Dhow cruise. Anong pinagsasabi mo?” he asked.
“Ayoko na mag-marathon, kuya, nakakabingi.” Mat told me after.

1509737_10201686822920625_1610130552_n 1623581_10202176694612293_20160527_n

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Wake Me Up Before You Gawgaw

tumblr_mdjje3XSSI1rs1ywho1_r1_1353064287_cover‘Wake Me Up Before You Go Go’ by Wham! was blasting out loud during the pre-10k Run.

Everybody was singing along…. including one British woman, “Wake me up! Before you Gaw-Gaw!” with full on Brit accent.
“Gawgaw daw? Mali sila,” I told Atong, “Di ba pampatigas ng damit yun? Gawgaw.”

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Dubai Marathon 2013: Maaga Nag-Start

76098_461991189692_1018534_n“Grabe last year,” Atong told us about his 2012 10k Run, “20 minutes palang ako tumatakbo, pabalik na yung magagaling,” he averages at 40 mins for the whole run.
“Eh kasi naman, kuya,” Ness thought out loud, “Baka maaga sila nag-start.”
Ronald, Atong and I laughed.
Ness realized afterwards her mistake.
“Blog ka,” I told her.

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Dubai Marathon 2013

During the Dubai Marathon’s first 2 seconds, when I was still running with most of the guys: Patrick, Rollie, Ronald, Rob and Atong, I screamed, “Snatcher! Snatcher!” as if chasing for one.

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Dubai Marathon 2013 – Physically Fit

Screen Shot 2013-01-01 at 1.58.22 PMUpon learning that we, Atong, Patrick, Rollie, Ronald and I, registered for the Dubai 2013 Marathon except him, Rob asked Ronald, “Bro, bakit di mo ako niyayaya sa Marathon?”
Rob is a gym rat so it was particularly funny when Ronald told him off, “Akala ko kasi hindi ka physically fit,” Coming from Ronald, a guy who goes to the gym, once a month.

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Dubai Marathon 2012

Last year I ran. This year I opt out but promised myself to do 10K next year.

Ronald, Atong, Julius and Patrick still did it for the 2nd consecutive year. Roliver, did it for the first time.

Before the marathon itself, they had to pick up their uniforms from Standard Chartered.

As usual, the photo maniacs on theses guys came out and they had to take all the possible photo-op.
Julius always handled the camera and wanted to join in to capture the moment.
He saw a fellow marathoner and asked him, “Can you take a picture of us?”
“Sure,” the African guy answered.
“Thank you.”

After the guy who took the photo left, one of the organizers told them, “Other people would ask a picture with that guy… that’s Chala Dechase…” and pointed at the poster, “But you asked him to take a photo of you.”

They were so embarrassed and laughing at the moment: A champion marathoner taking a photo of 3K runners.

Here’s the epic picture:

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Marathon Pamahiin

“Si Julius nag-shopping ng complete outfit nung gabi bago mag-marathon,”  Atong told us, “Sapatos, shorts, t-shirt…”
“Masama kaya ‘yun,” I answered.
“Oo nga masama ‘yun,” Ronald seconded.
“Bakit?” Atong wondered, “Pamahiin?”
Ronald answered, “Oo! Pamahiin,” and laughed.
“Hindi!” I answered, “Masama lang tumakbo na bago ang sapatos. Dapat sapatos na nagamit mo na, para nakaporma na sa paa… PAMAHIIN! Hehe.”

Ang di naniniwala sa pamahiin: Mawawala ang leeg kapag nagsuot ng bagong outfit before the marathon.

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1st Marathon Experience

I joined the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon for the first time. I signed up for the 3K – Fun Run.

More than half a dozen of my friends also joined in while some even took the bigger challenge of the 10K.

So apparetly, I went for the 3k…

And the other guys went for the FUN RUN…

Running against the sea of runners?

Photo Op No. 1

Photo Op No. 2 (From the same camera?)

Photo Op No. 3 (Running back and forth just to get the perfect shot)


Why this picture looks fake:
(1) Running too close
(2)They’re on the sidewalk
(3) Hair’s not moving
(4) One leg is too straight
(5) because there’s another shot with just few differences…

And another…


And Ronald has the same photo at the same place with them (straight-legged) …


Also, there are pictures before the Finish Line…



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