24th day of January Hearing Impaired

25 Jan

Yesterday was a hectic day.

We ran the 10k for the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon at 7 AM.
Sang at the Sto Nino Festival in St Mary’s Church at 11:30 AM
Sinigang na Baboy Lunch at Al Rigga (2 PM)
Dinner at Boardwalk for Eric’s Birthday Celebration at Boardwalk by 6 PM

During the sinigang lunch…
“Ambilis naman! Naubos agad!?” Ronald topld Mat while she was sipping the Sinigang na Baboy soup, “Parang suso!”
“Anong suso?” I heard and corrected, “Linta!”
“Ang sabi ko soup! Hindi suso!” Ronald told me.

At dinnertime…
“Ang dami palang krus dito,” Atong told us after he was observing the deck from Boardwalk.
“Hindi yun krus. Crane yun para sa construction,” I told him. There were a lot of visible construction sights near the Dubai Creek.
“Cruise! Dhow cruise. Anong pinagsasabi mo?” he asked.
“Ayoko na mag-marathon, kuya, nakakabingi.” Mat told me after.

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  1. Laysay

    January 29, 2014 at 10:47 AM

    OMG! You are so productive! Thanks for sharing. If you would like to check out my short short stories about bingo go to 🙂


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