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Work Anectode: Kabayan Blunder

A phone call from an insurer, “Hello pwede po kay Orlee?”
“Sir Orlee po ito. Ano po iyon, Ma’am?” I asked.
“Ay! Kabayan?”

You spoke Tagalog first, remember?

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Seeing those parody shirts, “HABLOT” for the Hublot brand seems ‘meh’ but experiencing people say it sounds really funny.

When we were still preparing for our wedding, we had to, at one time, go to Dubai Gold Souq to purchase our wedding bands.
Afterwards, there were some people outside the jewelry stores, asking us if we want the watch brand for a cheaper amount.
“Pare, hablot?” says the South Asian guy.
“Ay ayoko nyan, hablot pala yan,” I answered.


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Oman Music Video

10584045_10203437045000265_2404739366882150189_nIt is now a known fact that whenever we go out of town or have a special event, I would make a music video after the occasion. Hence, when we went to Oman, it was necessary that we order our barkada to dance… in the middle of Muscat streets.

One particular dance sequence, embarrassed the hell out of me that I myself asked them, “And CUT! Tama na! Nakakahiya.”

Here’s the end product:


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Ganun Ba Yun?

TemThe Arabian November 2013 Monsoon was about to hit UAE when my mother told these words to my sister, “Tem! Bumabaha sa Saudi! Papunta na raw Dubai young bagyo! Pauwiin mo na kuya mo!”
“Nanay ko!?” Tem wondered, “Bagyo lang pauuwiin na agad si kuya!? Ganun ho ba yun?”
Nanay then uttered her famous words, “Kung manalo lang ako sa lotto, hindi na kayo mag-aabroad lahat.”
Tem then whispered, “Paano ho mananalo eh hindi naman tumataya…”

My sister told that story to me, “Basta mag-iingat ka d’yan kuya.”
“Di ako mababasa. May kotse ako.”
“Ganun ba yun? May kotse lang di na mababagyo?”

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Yesterday, Ronald was reading the requirements for a Filipino to have a problem-free exit from the Philippine Immigration going to Dubai to me and Atong. He got the list from his friend. 

“Tol requirements for tourism:,” he was reading off his Facebook inbox.
“1. Authenticated affidavit of support from a relative within the 4th civil degree of CONSANGINUALITY/affinity duly certified by the phillipine embassy/ consulate in the country of destination.
2. Copy of sponsor’s passport bio-page, visa and POEA clearance or OEC (if sponsor is an OFW) sponsor.
3. Original NSO issue birth/marriage certificate of all persons connecting passenger to the sponsor.
4. If former OFW, bring a copy of the latest OEC or POEA information sheet.”

Atong stopped him, “Ano? Consanginuality? CONSANGUINITY!”
“Hala!? Mali ba?” Ronald asked, “Binasa ko pa naman ng dahan dahan para maintindihan n’yo.”
“Ano yun beauty contest ng mga kamag-anak?” I sarcastically asked him.
“CONSANGINUALITY — Consaguinity,” 



Tatlong Itlog

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Flea Market Shopping

SafaParkFleaEvery first Saturday of the month, Safa Park hosts a Flea Market. I brought Mitch for the first time.
“Ay! Mamimili ako ng maraming dress… para sa mga date natin,” Mitch told me.
“Hon… Kapag naka-sale yung dress dapat sa naka-sale na food lang din ang date natin.”



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Dubai Marathon 2013

During the Dubai Marathon’s first 2 seconds, when I was still running with most of the guys: Patrick, Rollie, Ronald, Rob and Atong, I screamed, “Snatcher! Snatcher!” as if chasing for one.

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