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Remain Unmarried for Bing

Bing, Mitch and I attended MJ’s wedding some weeks ago. MJ was a former flatmate and we have witness this momentous event in his life.

During the couple’s first dance as husband and wife, Bing told us, while drying her slightly moist eyes, “Pag kayo, Orlee, Mitch, kinasal… Iiyak ako.”
“O sige,” I told her, “Ayoko nakikita ka umiyak. Hindi na lang kami magpapakasal.”
“WAG GANUN!” Bing answered.


Will remain unmarried for Bing.

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Bing and Aries

Bing saw Aries, our transient border, walk in the living room while we were hanging out. They were never formally introduced.
“Orlee,” Bing told me, “Hindi pa kami napakilala,” I knew what Bing meant as it would be awkward if people are hanging out in the same place and they don’t even know each other’s name.
“Ahhh,” I told her, “Ok,” and did not even introduce them.


Well she didn’t ask if I could introduce them to each other.

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Nothing Can Stop Bing from Shopping

Bing was sick the whole day yesterday. Her voice was hoarse and she was feeling weak. Knowing that plus the fact that it was the 2nd Dubai Shopping Festival weekend, she pursued her life long dream… shopping.

She was buying a bag when the kabayan cashier of STADIUM told her, “Ate… pahinga-pahinga pag may time.”



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Extreme – Climax – Momentum

377201_10201015186124562_2033774191_nDuring our trip to Yas Waterworld…

“Pagod na ako,” Ronald shared.
“Eh di pahinga muna,” Ness told him.
“Ayoko, mawawala yung extreme ko,” Ronald shared.
“Anong extreme??? Climax!!!” Ness corrected him.
At this point, Bing was only listening but cannot contain herself, “Momentum! Mali kayo pareho!”

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Bing’s Hair

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Ronald thought, “Pwede sana pumunta si Bing sa 80s party n’yo,” My choir is planning to celebrate the 8th year anniversary party in an 80s themed party.
“Costume pa,” I told him.
“Guguluhin n’ya lang buhok n’ya 80s na.”




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Kramer vs Kramer: Horror

“Napanood mo na yung KRAMER VS KRAMER?” I asked Bing. I was referring to the award winning drama that chronicles the custody battle between a former husband and wife; hence, Kramer vs Kramer.

“Ay! Alam mo namang ayoko ng mga ganyang horror,” Bing answered.
“Hindi yun horror!”
“Ay! Ano nga ba yung horror?”
Freddie vs Jason!” I answered.

“Baka eto yun, Bing?”

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Tito Orlee: Cry Baby

“Ayoko talaga umiyak this time,” I told Karol.
“Bakit ka ba kasi umiiyak?” She asked.
“Eh kasi naman malungkot talaga pag may pamangking maliit,” I told her, “Last year nga, may kaibigan din akong kasabay, si Bing, kasama ko sa Dubai, may anak yun. Katabi ko sa eroplano pabalik ng Dubai. Sabi nya sa akin, ‘Bakit ka umiiyak?’ Sabi ko lang, ‘Mahal ko kasi mga pamangkin ko’, sabi nya, ‘Hindi ko ba mahal anak ko!?'”
“Mas naiyak ka pa!?” Karol asked.
“Sa eroplano nga pa Hong Kong, nag-se-senyas yung mga flight attendant ng safety features ng eroplano, bigla na lang tumulo ang luha ko, sabi ni Bing, ‘Ano nakakaiyak sa Chinese Instructions?'”

Pamangkin Rangers

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Alibis Don’t Work Anymore

Using the office land line, I called up Bing, “Bing!”
“Office ka pa?” She asked.
“Buksan mo ang pinto,” pretending as if I’m at her door in her flat in RAK.
“HELLO!? Landline gamit mo,” she told me off. I forgot.

After a few updates, she then asked me, “Kelan mo ba ako ililibre ng dinner, Orlee?”
I became quiet for at least 10 seconds, then told her, “Bing… Sorry, naputol ka. Pumasok kasi ako sa elevator.”
“Ummm… Elevetor? Land line nga ang gamit mo, ORLEE!”

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Empathetic Bing

Bing told me, “Orlee, wag ka na malungkot kapag nag-o-OT ka.”
“Ok lang naman ako basta mag OT ka rin,” I told her sarcastically.
“Ganun? O sige dadamayan kita,” she answeres emphatically.
“Talaga? Tatawagan mo ako ng 9pm sa office phone mo ha? Para alam kong nag-OT ka rin.”


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The Shawshank Redemption

I asked Bing, “Napanood mo na ang Shawshank Redemption?” one of the best movies ever made.
“Ano ‘yun? Chinese movie?”

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