Uninviting You in Advance

 Aileen, a tropa from college, recently got married last February 28. She kept it a secret because she didn’t want to invite the whole gang. She said that it’s exclusive for the family. We accepted the reality but we still talked about it.

I called up Jane, “Jane, bakit kaya di tayo in-invite ni Aileen ano?”

Jane hesitated but answered, “Amm, invited ako eh.”

“Sinu-sino kayo?” I asked.

“Ako, si Midge, si Kat at si Moe,” she answered.

I got pissed, “Sige! Genyanan na! Hindi ko kayo i-invite pag ako kinasal! Sabihin ko rin kay Maricar wag kayo i-invite pag kinasal sya.”

Jane protested, “Hoy! Nung kinasal ako in-invite ko kayo! Si Aileen lang ang ‘di nag-invite sa inyo kaya s’ya lang ang wag n’yong imbitahin!”


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