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Rapelling with J

After Ronald, went rapelling down a 20ft cliff / waterfall in Mapawa Nature Park, J, his then wife, decided to go down next.

J was so scared, that Iggy, the tour guide needed to come down with her. She was freaking out. She was so scared but she was really decided to go down. Funny thing though, everytime Iggy would give her words of encouragement she would scream, “Ayoko!” or “Natatakot ako!” and everytime she does this, the guy with the camera would say, “Ma’am, picture?” J, being the photomaniac that she is, smiled and posed.

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Photoholics Anonymous

It’s true! They are photo addicts!

Before the Camiguin trip, X asked, “X, mahilig kayang mag-picture sina Ronald at J? Baka nakakahiya kasi kung lagi tayong magpapa-picture tayo sa kanila.”
Caught by surprise I told her, “X, di ko ba nasabi sa’yo? ADIK silang mag-asawa sa picture. Sabi nga ni Julius dati raw sa PNB, pag outing nila, ‘di pa raw nakakarating sa paroroonan ubos na ang 36 shots nila. Kahit bato raw or damo, magpapa-picture silang dalawa. Eh ano pa’t digital na ngayon.”

Here’s one example. This is the trip back to Cagayan De Oro from Camiguin. They won’t get contented in one shot. They would do and re-do it again. I goofed in the background just to kill the monotony.


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Whitewater Rafting with PGMA

cagayan_de_oro_raftingSince the most famous spokesperson for the Cagayan River Whitewater Rafting is none other than the President of the Philippines, I can’t help wonder how did she enjoyed the adventure herself.
I asked my guide, “Pare, ikaw ba nag-assist kay Gloria nung ginawa n’ya to?”
“Yes, sir,” he answered.
“Nag-enjoy ba s’ya? Anong sabi n’ya?” I asked. It’s nice to know that our same guide assisted GMA herself.
“Ang sabi n’ya lang, ‘Ang saya-saya no?'” the guide answered, imitating GMA’s voice. I should have seen that coming.

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Whitewater Rafting with J

J, Ronald’s then wife, is on the brighter side of the Kikay Spectrum. She is very particular on different activities. Kapag ayaw n’ya, ayaw n’ya.

So when she joined us on the White Water Rafting done in Cagayan River 2 days ago, we were amazed about how well-informed she is during the rafting itself. When the guide screamed, “Paddle forward!” she would reiterate and tell us, “Oh forward!” and eagerly does it.
So I commented, “Wow! Halatang nakinig talaga sa orientation.” She listened to the orientation while X, Ronald and I were attentive on the minimal level. Inuna ang picture-an.
“Yes!” she answered, “Kapag meron kasi akong narinig na ‘di maganda, talagang iiwanan ko kayo.”

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Zest Air

Roger suggested, “Pare, Zest Air ka na lang, mas mura ‘yun kesa sa Cebu Pacific,” this is ofcourse an answer to my question: Anong airline kaya mas ok papuntang Cagayan De Oro?
“Huh? Zest Air? Bago ‘yun ah. Baka Mag-Cebu Pacific na lang ako kesa sa ‘di pa tested,” I answered.
“Dating Asian Spirit. Sobrang mura ng flights. Baka ‘yun din ang sakyan namin papuntang Boracay next month,” Roger confessed.
“Talaga? Sige ma-check nga ‘yang Zest Air na ‘yan.”

Being the wiki-freak that I am, checked Zest Air on wikipedia learned that the makers of Zest-O holds a major stake on the company, hence the rebranding.

I also found this information at the bottom of the Wikipedia article:

Incidents and Accident
As Zest Airways

On 11 January 2009, Zest Airways Flight 865, a Xian MA60 with 22 passengers three crew abroad, undershoot runway 06 when it landed at Godofredo P. Ramos Airport, swerved sharply to the left when it touched the runway after the initial impact and hit a concrete barrier seriously damaging its nose. The plane’s landing gears and propellers also suffered  major damage. Three persons were injured. There were no fatalities.

After forwarding the exact article to Roger, he screamed, “Haha! Para kang gago. Yan kaya sasakyan ko papuntang Boracay.”


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