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Who I Am?

6-18_siri_2Ronald was playing with Atong’s Siri on his iPhone, “How’s the temperature in London?” and Siri would gladly answer.
Afterwards, he screamed, “WHO I AM?!”
Siri answered, “You are Renato, that’s what you told me, anyway.”
At that point Atong and I were laughing our asses off already as his sentence construction was wrong and that he has asked it as if he was bullying Siri.

The days that followed that moment, we went on screaming randomly at Ronald, “WHO I AM!?”

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No Carbs Fishbone Remover

I had  a bad experience with some fish bones last week. We were eating dried fish (DAING) last week and I, unfortunately, ate breakfast so quick that the fish bone got stuck in my throat.

I dealt with it the whole morning. I tried everything: ate a banana, ate a ball of rice, gulped a can of coke. It was really annoying.

Kris suggested, “Sumubo ka lang ng maraming-maraming kanin!”
“Ayoko,” I told her, “Carbs yun eh. Pwede ba steak na lang? Para protein pa rin?”


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We Want Lola

“Ayaw na namin sa’yo Tita Tem. Namimiss na namin si lola,” my nieces told my sister. Nanay is in Japan.
“Eh ‘di ba yan ang gusto n’yo, hindi kayo pinapakialaman,” My sister asked them.
“Hindi n’ya kami pinapabayaan. Ikaw eh wala kang pakialam sa amin,” they are now missing their grandmother.

Ang gulo nila, Kuya, nung nandito Lola nila naiinis sila pinapakain sila, ayaw pa nila kumain. Ngayon sila bahala kumain, namimiss naman nila ang Nanay.


Tita Tem and the nieces (Paula and Sam)

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Hindi Maganda

A friend of mine shared in our group a picture of a foreigner and told us, “Nirereto to sa akin ng pinsan ko, ok ba sa akin?”
I answered, “Baka maganda gusto n’yan!”
“Maganda ako pag nag-ayos!” she replied.

Thinking about my question, she asked her cousin, “Sabi ni Orlee ko, baka raw maganda gusto ng kaibigan mo.”
“Hindi, ate! Hindi maganda ang hanap n’ya,” her cousin answered.
“Ano!?” she screamed.


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Who Will Do It: The Professional Decision

Roy, Kris and I make up the department of Reconciliation and Invoicing. Sarah, our team-in-charge told us to create a draft email that we could send to various insurance companies requesting them to refrain from clubbing brokerage amounts of various invoices into one.
We only needed one email draft so since we have to decide equally on who will create it… we resorted to the most professional way of deciding stuff: Maalis Taya!


Kris laughed, “Very professional!”

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Push It

I was recently invited to be part of my choir’s Council, the governing body of the Christian Voices Chorale.
My first meeting of the group was held in Argo Tea in City Walk. The door of the Tea shop was tight and you really need to push it hard in order for you to get in.

10295690_10204573869776355_101170286996906400_nWhen we were discussing about the planned shirt of the group, a group of European girls were trying to get in in the tea shop. Fermel was facing the door and so he actioned to the girls, “Push it! Push!”
Tina, who was not facing the door thought, “Akala ko i-push ang t-shirt plan.”
We all laughed.

It’s funny how “PUSH MO YAN” changed its meaning these past years.

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Sosyal Fallback

I told my highschool friends, “Nag-apply na kami for our UK trip… Pagbagsak kami sa visa application dun baka mag-Brazil na lang kami,” because Brazil has no visa requirements for Filipinos.
“Ang sosyal naman ng back up plan n’yo,” Arlyn commented, “Brazil! Kami nga Batangas lang pangarap namin eh.”


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Oman Music Video

10584045_10203437045000265_2404739366882150189_nIt is now a known fact that whenever we go out of town or have a special event, I would make a music video after the occasion. Hence, when we went to Oman, it was necessary that we order our barkada to dance… in the middle of Muscat streets.

One particular dance sequence, embarrassed the hell out of me that I myself asked them, “And CUT! Tama na! Nakakahiya.”

Here’s the end product:


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