Tooth Fairy

When ate Richie came back from her first trip to the US, she brought me teeth whiteners as pasalubong. It was those strips that you attach to your teeth for about 5 minutes and then it was supposed to whiten your teeth.

Her last pasalubong for me was the chapstick-like gel that you rub to each tooth to – yes! – to whiten it. I was happy. I thought to myself, atleast she didn’t forget me.

Now, after she came from the US, she bought me, <drum rolls please> Teeth whitening apparatus. Unlike the ones she gave me, single apparatus, now it’s a whole set. I have to gargle, paint and smile in front of a blue light for 2 minutes.

I couldn’t hold myself any longer, “Ate, bakit ba lagi na lang pampaputi ng ngipin ang uwi mo? Madilaw ba ang ngipin ko?”


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