TBT #6: Shower

03 Oct

I cannot remember the exact date of this blog post but this was pre-Dubai (circa 2005 to 2007). This is one for the books, one of the funniest kulitan between me and my sister:

Scenario: Me taking a shower, my sister on the other side of the bathroom door.
Tem: Kuya!?
Me: Bakit?
T: Papadeliver kami sa Pizza Hut. Ano gusto mo?
M: Kahit ano, Hawaiian Pizza siguro. Masarap din chicken saka potato chips.
T: Sabi ng nanay ikaw daw magbayad!
M: (no reply)
T: Kuya?!
M: (still no reply)
T: Kuya?!
M: Tem? Baket? Naliligo ako!
T: Ikaw raw magbabayad!
M: Ha? Di kita marinig! Naliligo ako!
T: Kuya! Oorder kami sa Pizza Hut! Ikaw magbabayad!
M: Di ko marinig! Naliligo ako! Matagal pa ako dito!
T: (now forcefully screams at the door so that I could hear) Sumagot ka! Ikaw magbabayad!
M: Tem, mamaya na! Di talaga kita marinig! Umaandar ang shower! Di kita dinig!
T: (Now talking to someone outside the door) Kunin mo yung susi ng CR.
T: Kuya! Pag di ka sumagot! Bubuksan ko tong pinto!
M: Bwisit ka! Oo na. Ako na magbabayad!



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2 responses to “TBT #6: Shower

  1. Doctor Eamer

    October 1, 2016 at 1:44 PM

    Haha! Coolitan 🙂

    • orleebaldedara

      October 1, 2016 at 1:52 PM



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