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TBT #10: Kamusta Lovelife?

It’a amazing how ones life can change in 5 years. I clearly remember forwarding this email to both Zinnia and Susan back in September 2008:

One of my favorite blogs, Strange Fruit, posted the top answers to the question: Musta na Lovelife? I forwarded the list to the single ladies on the top of my mind: Zinnia and Susan.

Zinnia answered, “Nakaka-relate ako sa number 6. Eto parang patis… andaming gustong makisawsaw… Noon pa man, may nakekealam, may nag-sa suggest at kung ano ano pa.”

Susan didn’t choose one because she has her own entry: “Eto, candidate for 30 year old virgin.”

facebook-20131017-084447 facebook-20131017-084521

Zinnia is now currently vacationing in the Philippines with HER husband and almost 2 year old son, while Susan just celebrated her one year anniversary with HER husband, Anthony.

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TBT #9: Utang Mo!

Just told Mitch about this anecdote.


Aki wanted Jollibee for merienda, she asked her lola, “Lola, kain tayo sa Jollibee?”
Nanay quite pissed, lack of budget we suppose, answered, “Jollibee-hin mo mukha mo.”
Aki, being the defensive apo that she is answered, “Lola, hindi ka nakakatawa, ha?”
“Sabihin mo kasi sa mama mo magbayad ng utang n’ya,” answered nanay.
Aki answered, “Sinabi ko na nga ‘yun.”
Nanay replied, “Ganito sabihin mo: Mama, magbayad ka na raw ng utang mo.”
Aki, confused by the idea, said, “Lola, parang mura ‘yun? Utang mo? Parang Tangnamo.”
We laughed our asses off, hearing this from a 5 year old.

Aki Lola Pong

Lola with her two then 5 year old nieces (Aki and Pong)

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