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Low Battery Wee Wee

Every time before I clean her up before bed time, I always see to it that I put her in the toilet for her to pee one last time.

Last night, I asked her to “Ok, Ysabella, Wee-wee!”

She shook her head and answered, “Low battery.”

She knows that anything that is not functioning is ‘low battery’. Apparently, even her not being able to wee-wee is low battery.

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Ysabella’s First Movie

We were two for two on including Ysabella to our weekly movie watching. Wreck it Ralph was a success. She finished the movie without any fuss then came Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse and she loved it even more.

We were confident that she will enjoy a movie as long as (1) she has a bucket full of popcorn and (2) it was musical and or animation.

Then came Bumblebee. We were hoping that this could be her full live action movie in the theatre.

At 90% of the movie (almost finished), she screamed and kicked and wanted us to change what was showing to Baby Bus! Her favorite YouTube channel. Ugh. It was embarrassing and funny at the same time.

Mitch had to bring her outside.

Not yet. Live action. Not yet.

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