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Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin

I was singing my heart out the song IKAW ANG LAHAT SA AKIN by Martin Nievera and was pretty confident that I was hitting the right notes.
The problem being married to a choir singer, while I was hitting the part, “Ikaw lang lahat sa aaaahhaaakinnnn!!” someone would shout at the door, “FLAT!”
Thanks my ego booster.

Profile Pic

She then sang, “Sa akin!” hitting the high notes.
I snapped back at her, “SHARP!”

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Marvel Cinematic Universe Fanboy

I’m a big fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies that I actually told my then fiancee, “Ipapalabas na ang Ant-man sa July! Yun talaga ang highlight ng buong buwan ng July ko.”
“Yun talaga?” She asked, “Di ba kasal natin ang July.”


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Wifey & Hubby

One time, I called my wife, “Hey, wifey.”
She then answered, “Yes, hubby!”
I kidding-ly answered, “Yun lang naman ako sa’yo eh. Libangan!”
“Ewan ko sayo!” she answered snickering.


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Valentine Requirement

After our grocery shopping, I asked Mitch, “Kailangan ba kitang bigyan nyan?”


“Huwag na sayang pera,” she answered, “Bayaran mo na lang grocery ko.”
“Wow! Praktikal.”

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Architect Fiancee

When she saw the result of her Architecture Licensure examination, I told Hon, “Tama ang sugal ko!”
“What do you mean?” she asked me.
“Nagpropose ako kahit wala pa result ng board… I’m marrying an architect.”


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Kape Itinerary

coffee-winkMitch and I are already planning our Philippine itinerary during our Wedding Homecoming. What do we do? Where to go? Who to meet?

But I had just a rough draft I’ve put the words: KAPE KAPE KAPE on each day in leau of the people to meet and activities to do.

She then told me, “Grabe, kape kape kape talaga? Baka luwa na mata natin sa wedding day kaka-kape.”
I laughed so hard hearing this.

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Mannekin Pis

After seeing the grandeur that was Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain, we headed next to Belgium and see the Atomium and the famous Mannekin Pis.
For Day 1 of Brussels, we managed find the old town. We were amazed by the old architecture then asked for directions for Mannekin Pis. We read that it’s only near old town.

When we saw the peeing statue only Mitch was able to say was, “Yan na yun?!”


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Ayoko na sa London

Preparing to tour the city on our 2nd day in the UK, Mitch took time dressing up – layer after layer of clothes.

When she was finally zipping her boots on top of her thermal socks which is over the thermal leggings, she uttered, “AYOKO NA DITO SA LONDON.”
“Bakit? ” I asked.
“Andaming patong ng damit.”

10660155_10153230586714325_2558776851444718039_n 1476527_870877512931197_1890330624962307096_n 10713008_870143306337951_1917736538878040349_n

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Wild Wadi Diwali

brandMitch asked in our BBM group, “Ano nga ba ulit young parang Pasko ng mga Hindu? Wild Wadi?”
Wild Wadi is of course the Water Park located near Burj Al Arab.
Atong laughed and answered, “Diwali!”
She laughed when she realized her mistake, “Magkatunog kasi!”

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Mitch and I have an inside joke. I now use ‘Rhabjee’ when I wanted to thank her. Here’s why.

“Hon, sabay ka sa amin papunta Reef Mall. Mga  tayo aalis,” I told her.
“Ok hon, Rhabjee,” she replied.
‘Rhabjee?’ I asked myself. Is that a new word that she learnt today? Some Hindi word maybe?
I googled, “Meaning of ‘Rhabjee'” and found nothing.


Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 9.44.29 AM

Being a grammar freak that I am I had to know.
When I met her, I asked her, “Hon, ano yung Rhabjee?”
“Typo lang yun. Thankee lang ang tinype ko.”

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