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What We Do On Weekends: A Follow Up

“Kawawa ka naman,” I replied. My nieces ganged up on her on this video.


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Renato: The Musical

Atong is a human musical number. Why? He spontaneously sings in public places.

One time, at an elevator he burst into a song, “Ohhh ohhhh….” he was trying to sing one of our choir’s ethnic songs.
“Huy!” I would tell him, “May ibang tao oh,” pointing at an Indian.

At the cashier, he unconsciously sang, “Pm pm pm pm pm….”
Ronald told him, “Huwag kang kumanta! Ang lakas ng boses mo,” while hitting Atong.

Another instance was when we were sending money in a remittance center, he stood at the back and hummed the whistle part on this song, the soundtrack to Rio.
The cashier inside the booth spoke out, “Uy….! Rio….”
Not embarrassed, he approached the lady, “Napanood mo rin?” He was quite happy to have found another soul who knows the song.

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X-Men: Working Class

When my colleague asked me to do something for him, I told him, “I’m doing something. Later.”
“But Orlee…”
“Later… Go…” I acted as if I was holding a ball of fire and ready to throw at him.
When he saw this, he asked, “Orlee, why are you becoming X-Men?”

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Leave In

On our blackberry messenger group, Ronald typed, “Atong, kapag hindi ka nanlibre ipagkakalat ko na may ka-leave in kang panget for two months.”
I replied, “Live in. Hindi leave in.”
“Ay sorry, typographical error,” He replied.

How is that a typographical error!?

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Cavite Driving Only

I am scared of driving outside Cavite. I dunno but I just feel it. Fear slowly creeps inside me at the Bacoor Area and when I cross Coastal Road, BANG!… Fear!

Maybe it’s the absence of the comfort knowing my family is always 30 minutes away whatever happens to the vehicle or maybe the knowledge (or lack of) of the routes and ways in Manila.


My previous colleague asked me, “Orlee, bakit kapag nasa Cavite, nagdadala ka ng sasakyan pero kapag may meeting tayo sa head office (Makati), lagi kang nag-co-commute?”
I cannot explain my fear to my colleague as to not to sound like a wussy so I told him, “Pare, kapag lumalabas kasi ako ng Cavite, yung kotse automatic tumitigil eh.”
He laughed. He knew I was kidding.
“Oo! Pumapako talaga yung break. Di pwede lumampas ng Bacoor.”

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What We Do on Weekends

I dunno why but when my nieces feel like doing what they wanna do, they just do it.

Last week, when Tem and I were chatting with our sister, Ate Mimi via Skype, our nieces interrupted and showed us their faces:

They were doing some weird make up stuff. Dunno how high school girls are these days. Maybe it’s normal. I dunno. I hope it is.

Yesterday, Paula sent me the link below entitled “What We Do on Weekends”. The adult in the video is my sister.


I. Laughed. My. Ass. Off.

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Eye Wonder

“Bakit ho kaya lumabo ang mata ko?” I asked the Filipino opthalmologist in the eye clinic. My eyes’s grade were up 0.25 from two years ago. I was finally having my eyes checked after 2 years.
“Paano mo kasi gamitin?” she asked.
“Sa umaga papuntang office, nagbabasa ako sa sasakyan. Sa office syempre computer. Tapos basa ulit pauwi sa sasakyan. Tapos sa gabi naman either TV or laptop,” I answered.
“Nagtaka ka pa?”

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