Let’s Beat Him

My bulky gym instructor once asked me, “Orlee, gusto mo sumama sa amin sa Thursday? May pupuntahan lang tayo.”

I had never been in a rumble. I think we’re going to beat up someone. It seemed that we’re going to do that because the way he said it, I noticed, he is eager that someone should come with him. He also asked me if I could ask my friend, Reineer (who also goes to that gym) to come with us. This is definitely trouble and I liked the idea. So I said, “Sige, sama kami.” They said we should try things we’ve never done before so I was a little excited.

Thursday came, and he asked again, “Ano? Tuloy tayo mamaya?”

Reineer and I asked, “Saan ba tayo pupunta?”

“Sa Greenhills sana,” he answered.


“Ano meron sa Greenhills?” we asked. I was still thinking who are we gonna pound.

He hesitated before he said, “Sige na nga sasabihin ko na, I-re-recruit ko sana kayo saForever Living eh.”


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