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Criticizing the Critics

New-Years-Eve-Movie-PosterAfter watching New Year’s Eve, Ronald said, “Maganda yung pelikula.”
“Bagsak naman yan sa critics eh,” I was referring to the movie reviews.
“Yang mga Critics na yan! Walang ginawa kundi mag-criticize!”

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New Year Curse

Looking out at the 47th floor of Emirates Grand Hotel, after the New Year celebrations, Atong said, “Tingnan mo! Tingnan mo! Ang trapik!”
It sounded off so I answered, “TINGNAN MO RIN!”


New Year Cast

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Smile Shutter Camera

Because the camera’s Smile Shutter Program was not working enough, I told them, “Baka hindi na-re-recognize and ngiti natin! Smile pa!”

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New Year’s Party Line

It was 8 pm and we were on our way to see the Burj Khalifa’s New Year’s Eve Fireworks when.. we all realized that it was 12 MN in Manila!

Everybody dialed. Trying to send our personal sweet messages to each of our families.
“Hello!? Happy New Year!” screamed Ella.
“Ate, Happy New Year!” Atong said to his sister.
When I finally dialed Cavite, I told my Nanay my Happy New Year message.
Everybody else succeeded except for Anj who cannot dial her family in Bicol. She told us, “Huy!…. Tama na kayo! Ibaba n’yo na para ako naman!”

Happy 2012!

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Goodbye 2011: A Summary

The end of 2011 is finally upon us. This has been a steadier year compared to the past. Been to Istanbul, Turkey and flew back home this year. I also saw a lot of concerts of my favorite artists (Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, Chris Brown and the Script). Gained new friends and lost some. Work has been a lot for me this year but it’s all ok because I can appreciate all of God’s blessings.

I was trying to summarize what has happened the whole year but that would be a daunting task (and a boring post to read) so I did what I can do best: summarize the top 25 funniest posts of 2011. Here it goes:

01. What We Do On Weekends – 25 June
02. Show Us the Prize – 16 July
03. Violin Wars – 18 June
04. Lola Hears a Who – 26 March
05. Atong’s Favorite Pair of Shorts – 16 July
06. Arn’s Kaning Baboy – 07 June
07. Magpapakain sa Buong Classroom – 25 July
08. Old Dog New Trick – 23 July
09. Anj, When? – 12 March
10. Bulupchoos – 26 November
11. One Two – 25 April
12. Crying Nieces – 17 April
13. Istanbul Plan – 10 September
14. Bruno Mars’ Number One Fan – 09 April
15. Forever Alone Birthday Cake – 29 May
16. CVC Cosplay – 19 February
17. Major Major Panget – 22 February
18. Soccer Punch – 13 April
19. Samantha Clara –  12 February
20. Pam’s Friend – 07 April
21. Miggy: The Alarm Boy – 28 March
22. Tatay’s Perfume – 27 March
23. Strangers! Strangers! – 26 February
24. Larawan ng Inggit – 11 January
25. Graciana: Kulot Salot – 25 December

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Orange Girl

This post is four months overdue but I’ll post it anyway.

During our Christmas Party, I decided to block Bing’s face from every photo-op possible with an orange just for the heck of it (Bing: Orlee! Ang kulit mo!)



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