TBT #8: Cracking Gab

10 Oct

It has been years since I last played this game:

smokers-partyMy Dubai gang decided to go to Madinat Jumeirah last Friday Night. It’s like Trinoma but near the beach. It’s like Ayala Alabang but with more diverse culture. It’s like Bonifacio High, less the jologs outsiders.
So anyway, we decided to play the (actually, I initiated it) HOY PARE KAMUSTA Game. It’s just a stupid game that I used to play back in my days in the Philippines. The basic rule of the game is to pretend as if you just saw your friends in a long time and needed catching up:

Orlee: Hoy! Pare! Kamusta?
Julius: Hoy! Orlee! Kamusta? Sino kasama mo?
Orlee: Ako lang. Kanina ka pa dito? Kakadating ko lang eh. What a small world! Ano bibilhin mo?
Julius: Walang lang magawa sa bahay eh. Kamusta tropa?

So that’s how you play it. You really have to have a straight face on playing it and the first one who cracks up is the loser.
So anyway, Gab, can’t handle the pretentions so everytime I approach them as if seeing them for the first time, he immediately cracks up, “Pare, ‘di ko kaya para kayong mga gago. Natatawa ako.”
Everytime we see each other as if on the first time, Gab would always walk away from us, move to the corner and laugh his ass off.
There was this one time that Gab departed from the group and when he came back before I could say anything he said, “Ayoko! Ayoko pare, natatawa ako.”
I asked him, “Pare, wala pa akong sinasabi… Defensive ka na!”

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