Not A Party

15 Sep

The head of HR (a close friend of mine) just came back from her official trips to London and Johannesburg. She knew my birthday passed but she was out of the country.
I learned that she came back early Sunday morning after she smacked me in the head, “And when will I get to be invited in one of your parties???”
“What party?” I asked.
“Don’t act dumb on me I saw the pictures. We’re facebook friends… Remember?”
“Oh that one,” I realized and explained, “It’s not a party. It’s just dinner with a lot of people enjoying food and music.”
“Ummm yeah… A party.”

1235316_10201379719567602_406559808_nThe “Party”

1240075_10201379710087365_1879999464_nPatrick, Bing and Orlee

553575_10201379551403398_1626649602_nCake blowing.

531921_10201379538523076_834753852_n2013 Cast

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