Old Clothes Drive

06 Jan

154243_10150359238665457_8242597_nJade was passing thru my room when he heard, “No! Ayoko!”
He stopped and looked around, it was just me, “Ano nangyayari?”
“Ang hirap mamili ng lumang damit na ipamimigay,” our choir had a drive to give out old clothes.
“Sino kausap mo?”
“Mga damit ko.”

Orlee and Rollie“Orlee, alam mo yung feeling na may makikita kang lumang damit tapos isipin mo, ‘pwede pa to eh’.” Rollie shared.
“So anong ginawa mo? Di mo na lang binigay?” I asked Rollie.
“Oo. Yung tipong, ‘isusuot ko na lang, akin na lang.'”
“Selfish mode lang?”
“Oo!” he answered laughing.

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