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Denied 3

Even before applying for the much anticipated visa, MJ already knew he’ll follow suit. He scheduled his US Visa application the day after mine.

During my low-Wednesday-denial-day, Antonette asked, “Ano? Inuman na ba ‘yan?”
I answered, “Bukas na lang. Kapag na-deny na rin si MJ.”
“Isusumbong kita!”

And he was.

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Antonette vs Aileen

Two of my friends met 2 weeks ago in Bateel.
, working for the dates company.
Antonette, planned to buy some dates.

“Ay! Ikaw pala si Aileen?!” Antonette exclaimed.
“Oo, ate,” answered Aileen.

Then Antonette bought some dates.
“Pasalubong mo?” Aileen asked.
“Oo, uuwi kasi ako next week.”
“Wow! Buti ka pa uuwi na,” Aileen is really missing home.
“Hay naku! 6 months na nga akong ‘di nakakauwi eh,” Antonette answered. She works for Emirates Airlines as a Flight Attendant. That’s the reason why 6 months is too long for her. “Ang tagal na!” she added.
“Hello!?” Aileen answered, “May mga Pinoy ditong matagal nang di umuuwi!?”


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Smoker’s Cough

During our Eid Trip to Jumeirah Beach, I asked Chastine, “Nag-s-smoke ka?”
“Hindi na,” she answered.
“Good for you! What made you stop?”
“Nagkaroon ako ng accute bronchitis.”
“Ano ‘yun?” I followed up. By this time, Jade, Gab, MJ, Antonette, Ann and Jules were all ears. All of them smokers.
“Magkakaroon na ako ng smoker’s cough,” Chastine answered.
“Ano ‘yun?”
“Uubo ka na lang bigla kasi ‘yung phlem mo ‘di mo na kontrolado. Out of nowhere uubo ka na lang.”

“Ayan!” I screamed, “”Yan na nga ba’ng sinasabi ko! Look at your future…” pointed to Chastine then I faked a cough while telling all of my smoker friends.
“Good!” Gab commented, “Wag ka naman manakot!”
“Mas masama kaya ang second-hand smoke!” Someone commented.
I insisted, “Ang saya ‘di ba? Wala lang… Bigla ka nalang uubo… Habang buhay.”

Smoker's Party

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